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kacey musgraves

New Song of the Week: 6-24-22

I’ve been out of the music loop the past few weeks due to vacation, and then a sick dog.

Ok, I’m baaaccckkk and I’ve been waiting for this one…

Kacey. Freaking. Musgraves.


I know this song has been covered a million times, but somehow Kacey can make anything sound special and original.  Her voice is flawless and has a haunting quality about it, and she definitely understood the assignment on this one.

Righhhtttt? Damn, Kacey.


Of course, this cover is off of the Elvis biopic soundtrack, which by the way, is in theaters as of today.

Find out more about the soundtrack- which is pretty fantastic- here.

New Song of the Week: 8-26-21

I always feel like Kacey Musgraves can do no wrong musicially.  Ever since she came on the scene on the “Oh, Tonight” duet with Josh Abbott, I’ve been in love with her magical voice and persona.  And she keeps raising the bar musically with each album.  Would I like it if she stayed more Country? Sure. But I’m going to be honest, Country radio has been kind of crap to her, and barely adding some of her better songs, while other more “Pop-Country” females got airplay like crazy.  I remember getting in trouble for playing “Follow Your Arrow” on a station before (not one I currently work with) , and this happened at many “Country” stations across America, so can you blame her for expanding her musical horizons and doing her own thing?


When she did that with her last album “Golden Hour”, she pretty much swept the Grammys.  So, she’s onto something here. There’s no other artist like her right now.  That being said, here’s her new single “Star Crossed” which addresses her recent divore to fellow Country musician Ruston Kelly.

It’s your typical “Spacey Kacey” sound, and I’m loving it.  She’s writing what she knows, and adding some cool texture to the song to make it stand out. I can’t wait for her new album “Star Crossed” which will be out September 10th.

I feel like Kacey is one of the better female artists out there- in ANY genre- and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


Also, can I have her voice and legs?  Is that so much to ask?