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chris stapleton

“Get That Boy Back” featuring Chris Stapleton on SNL

Chris Stapleton was on “Saturday Night Live” last night, and although he didn’t perform “I’m Just Ken” with host Ryan Gosling, his perfromances and skits redeemed that.

Case in point: “Get That Boy Back”:

I choked on my coffee watching that.

And, of course, Chris never misses on his live performances:

“White Horse”

“Mountains of My Mind”

Thank you Baby Jesus for Chris Stapleton.

Slash and Chris Stapleton Cover Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well”

Well, this was a pleasant surprise this morning.

Slash and Chris Stapleton just released a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” and it’s absolutely killer.

I mean, really, how can you go wrong with Slash and Chris?

Simple. You can’t.

Seriously, how badass is that?

The collab is off of Slash’s new solo project “Orgy of the Damned” which comes out on May 17th.

So, basically, Slash shredding as he does, with dfferent vocalists on each song, like his last solo project.

Sounds pretty damn promising.

Also, Chris Stapleton will be the musical guest on “Saurday Night Live” tomorrow night, with Ryan Gosling as the host.

If they don’t do a version of “I’m Just Ken”, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

Chris Stapleton “Always On My Mind”

Yesterday, Willie Nelson released a live album called “Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90 Live At The Hollywood Bowl”- which is from his star-studded 90th Birthday Bash back in April, and it’s full of great live performances, including this gem from Chris Stapleton on his classic “Always On My Mind”:

I mean, chills, right?

Chris Stapleton could sing my utility bill, and I’d buy it.

If you’re looking for some great music to jam out to this weekend, this album has you covered.
More info here:  https://willienelson.com/

Also, the Willie Nelson and Friends docuseries will be available December 21st on Paramount +

I still can’t get over the fact that Wille Nelson is 90.

Freaking 90.

Proof that you just have to live your damn life.

Chris Stapleton “Higher”

Chris Stapleton AKA “The Greatest Freaking Singer on This Planet” just dopped his 5th studio album “Higher” this morning, and it’s full of panty-dropping gems.

Take the title track “Higher”:

Holy High Notes!

I mean, is there anything Chris Stapleton’s voice can’t do?

I’m thinking negative, Ghostrider.

Chris actually had that song for over twenty years, but he was “scared” of it, due to the high notes and head tones.

Funny to think that an incredible vocalist like Chris is scared to do anything with those golden vocal chords, but thankfully he got over that fear and gave us this and another great album to enjoy.

We don’t deserve Chris.

Get more info, tour dates, etc at http://chrisstapleton.com

Chris Stapleton “It Takes A Woman”

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand more times I’m sure… Chris Stapleton can’t miss.

He just dropped a new song off of his upcoming album “Higher” and it’s absolutely glorious.

It’s called “It Takes a Woman” and it’s his signature Bluesy/Rock/Country perfection.

Can we get an “Amen” for his insanely talented wife Morgane on the background vocals? I want HER to release a solo project, or better yet- a duets project with Chris. It needs to happen, like, yesterday.

Chris’s new album Higher will be released on November 10th.

More info on his music and tour dates at http://chrisstapleton.com



Chris Stapleton and Snoop Dogg “In the Air Tonight”

Did you see “Monday Night Football” last night?

Chris Stapleton and Snoop Dogg debuted their new MNF anthem – a cover of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” with Cindy Blackman Santana on the drums.

Hot damn, right?

Chris Stapleton’s vocals can pretty much slay anything, and who doesn’t love Snoop Dogg?

And fun fact- Cindy is Carlos Santana’s wife.

I love everything about all of it.

Also, Go Chiefs!

Chris Stapleton “Think I’m In Love”

Chris Stapleton continues his streak of songs that are straight fire.

The one he just released this morning is another winner.

It’s called “Think I’m I Love With You”, and it’s one hell of a bluesy, sexy groove.

Hot damn, right?

That’s a potential panty dropper right there.

I love the combination he creates mixing the Country, Blues, and Classic Rock vibes.

His new studio album “Higher” drops November 10th, and I can’t wait for more!

Chris Stapleton “White Horse”

It’s a Happy Friday Indeed!

Not only do my husband and I celebrate our 16th anniversary, but also Chris Stapleton just dropped a new single. So, yeah, good things all around!

The new song “White Horse” rocks pretty hard, and you cannot go wrong with Chris’s incredible vocals that marry Country and Rock and Blues together.  I’ve already listened to this five times this morning.

Holy smokeronis, right? All of it. YES to ALL OF IT!

I’ve always enjoyed Chris on higher tempo, rock-inspired songs. His voice just kills on those. Well, his voice kills on everything, but yeah. You know what I mean.

And even better?

Chris announced his fifth studio album “Higher” and that will be dropping November 10th.

Happy Friday!!!!

Carly Pearce Feat. Chris Stapleton “We Don’t Fight Anymore”

Everyone is collabing with everyone in Nashville, and I am NOT mad at it.

I was looking forward to this combo since I heard it was happening.

Carly Pearce AND Chris Stapleton?

Bring it.

The song is called “We Don’t Fight Anymore” and it’s sad, emotional, and perfectly embodies the quiet demise of a relationship.

I once heard that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

I couldn’t agree more.

Well done. Carly Pearce and Chris Stapleton!

Buckle up for more collabs this year in Country Music. I’m here for it!

Pink and Chris Stapleton “Just Say I’m Sorry”

Pink just dropped her new album “Trustfall” today, and I’ve been waiting for this collab since I was made aware of it a few weeks ago.  Pink has teamed up once again with Chris Stapleton for a song called “Just Say I’m Sorry”, and damn… their voices just go so well together.

It’s such a simple, pretty song with a great message.  So often in relationships we feel like being right is more important than anything, and for some reason, apologizing and realizing our mistakes and the effect they have on others is really, really hard.

That being said, being able to overcome that and genuinely apologize and fix whats wrong has been what has kept my marriage of almost 16 years going smoothly. We can both apologize, and that’s so incredibly important.

Anyhow, back to the song, if you put Chris Stapleton on anything, it will be amazing.  It’s just a scientific fact at this point.

I have also heard that he and Miranda Lambert and George Strait are planning collabs as well.  The sonic universe is looking out for us!