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Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde Performs a Disney Classic With “Part of Your World”

Ashley McBryde recently performed in Orlando, and she totally got Disney with it.

As she should.

Check out her incredible performance of “Part of Your World” from the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid”:

@ashleymcbrydemusic When in Orlando, you MUST sing a #Disney song…specifically, you must sing something from The Little Mermaid. Thanks @Lynsey for capturing this video! #OnTour #TheLittleMermaid ♬ original sound – Ashley McBryde

How great was that, though?

Ok, so now I’m thinking that a Country covers album of Disney Classics sung by today’s Country stars should be a thing.

Ok, universe, I threw it out to ya, now go manifest!

Terri Clark and Ashley McBryde “Better Things to Do”

Did you hear?

90’s Country Icon Terri Clark has a new project coming out called “Terri Clark: Take Two”, which is kind of a re-imagining of her greatest hits featuring some of the biggest female Country stars of today with her on some of her greatest hits.

Growing up on Country Music in the 90’s, Terri Clark was a staple on the radio, and hearing this made me all giddy.

She has teamed up with everyone from Lainey Wilson to Lauren Alaina to Ashley McBryde, and she just released her version of “Better Things to Do” featuring Ashley, who I love.

Check it out!

Cool, right?

I loved this song in Junior High, and full disclosure… I once dedicated this song on the local Country radio station in Henderson, TN to my first “boyfriend” who broke up with me because I was too annoying.

It went over like a turd in a punch bowl, but I made my point.

Oh, good times…

To be fair, 13-year-old me was kind of a weirdo, so I kind of get why he dropped me.

But still… rude.

“Terri Clark: Take Two” drops on May 31st, the same day that the Tom Petty Country tribute “Petty Country” comes out.

Needless to say, I’m pretty dang stoked!

Ashley McBryde “Devil I Know”

Ashley McBryde is one of my favorite artists- not just in Country- but in all the genres.

She is a fantastic vocalist, writer, and just as real as they come.

Also, if you have ever seen her live, you would know just how special she is.

She just announced her new radio single, “Devil I Know” and if you haven’t heard it yet, here ya go:

I’m so happy she chose this song- the title track of her latest album- to be her next single. It is one of my favorites off of her latest project.

Also, here she is performing it live:

Told you she slays live.

Check out her tour dates, and more info on her music at https://www.ashleymcbryde.com/

Lindsey Sterling and Ashley McBryde Perform on CMA Country Christmas!

Last night, “CMA Country Christmas” aired on ABC, and as per usual, it was full of great performances by some of Country Music’s biggest stars, and some pretty awesome guests, too.

Like Lindsey Freaking Sterling.

This woman has to be one of the most talented and dynamic humans on the planet, and when you combine her with Ashley McBryde and some theatrics?

You can’t lose.

That was so much fun to watch!

Check out more at http://cmachristmas.com

Ashley McBryde “Light on In The Kitchen” Live

Ashley McBryde never fails to deliver.

Seriously, we need more artists like her in ALL the genres.

You know, the talented and real type. The kind of woman you could actually hang out with and relate to… she truly does personify what Country Music is all about.

And her live performance that was just released of her latest single “Light On in the Kitchen” is proof of her incredible talent.

Damn good, right?

If you’re one of those “I Hate Country” types who is wondering why Country resonates with so many, and why it’s selling so much, especially of late?

Well, artists like Ashley is why.

Fin dout more about her music and tour dates at http://ashleymcbryde.com

Ashley McBryde “Maybe It Was Memphis”

You know I love me some 90’s Country, and one of my staples of the decade is Pam Tillis’s “Maybe it Was Memphis”. Of course, hailing from West Tennessee, and working radio in Memphis and meeting my husband there makes the song all the more special to me.  So, when I saw that one of my favorite Country artists Ashley McBryde covered it during “CMT’s Summer Sessions”, I had to give it a listen.

Holy Macaroni, it’s good.

I mean, HOT DAMN!

Just wanted to share that nugget with you in case you had missed it.

Also, Ashley’s new album “Devil I Know” comes out September 8th!

Ashley McBryde “Cool Little Bars”

Today’s crop of Women in Country Music is pretty damn amazing.

Ashley McBryde is definitely one of my favorites! An amazing, pure Country voice, fantastic songwriting, and a “realness” that is lacking in the industry… she’s got it all.

Her new song “Cool Little Bars” came out this morning, and yep, it totally delivers.

This song reminds me of all the little bars in West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi that I used to frequent when I was in cover bands. The shadier, the better!

Some of my best nights have been spent at “Cool Little Bars”… at least from what I can remember.

In fact, I first laid eyes on my future husband at a “BYOB” bar called “Southern Comfort” in Horn Lake, MS.

I was wearing a “Jesus is My Homeboy” shirt and was carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Goooood Times….

Ashley’s new album “Devil I Know” comes out on September 8th.

Halestorm Feat. Ashley McBryde “Terrible Things”

I freaking LOVE Halestorm and Lzzy Hale, and Ashley McBryde is one of my favorites on the Country scene right now, so when I saw that they just collabed on a re-imgained version of “Terrible Things” I was here for it.

And yes, it’s hauntingly perfect.

The song is spot on for our world just now (sadly) and the vocals are glorious.

Can we get more of this, please?



Ashley McBryde SLAYS Rolling Stone Cover!

I’m a huge Rolling Stones fan (Stones > Beatles, always!) and I’m a huge Country Music fan as well.

So, when I saw that “Stoned Cold Country”- an album featuring some of Country’s best artists, like Brooks and Dunn to Eric Church to Lainey Wilson- covering Rolling Stones classics, you know I had to go check it out RIGHT THEN!

One of the highlights?

Ashley McBryde covering “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

Dudeeee… she just nailed the HELL out of that!

My 1 year old was jamming out in his play pen when I was streaming it. He’s clearly got excellent taste!

Check out all the covers on “Stoned Cold Country” out now.

There’s some pretty good ones on there!

Hot Country Collab Alert!

You know I love me a good, legit Country song, and I can always count on Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde to deliver in this modern world full of Bro-Country.

So, when they announced their collab on a cheating song, I was like, “Yep. It’s gonna be GOOD”

And it is.  I mean, duh.


I love that they both put their perspectives in the song- the “Other Woman” and the “Wronged Woman”.

Can we get more Country like this, pleaaassseee?

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with beer, trucks, tailgates, long tanned legs and cutoff jeans, etc… but enough is enough.


Well done, Carly and Ashley!  Now go on tour together, and set the Country world on fire!