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“Horizon: An American Saga” Trailer

Kevin Costner has been VERY busy lately.

Obviously NOT with “Yellowstone” (Boo.), but instead, working on his epic Western  “Horizon: An American Saga”, and the trailer for Part One has been released:

Ok, consider me officially interested.

I love a good Western saga (“Lonesome Dove” forever has my heart) and after watching the trailer, I’m so ready for this!

“Horizon” is a four part Post-Civil War Western Epic, and the first two movies will be in theaters this Summer.

The first will be on June 28th, and the 2nd on August 16th.

The remaining films haven’t even been shot yet, and Kevin Costner is putting everything he has into this project: emotionally, professionally, and financially. He’s got a lot riding on this- pun intended- and this has been a dream of his for the past thirty years, and honestly, I can’ wait to see it come into fruition.

Also, the cast is pretty spectacular, with obviously Kevin Costner, as well as Sienna Miller, as he leading roles.

Find out more at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt17505010/

I have a feeling this is going to be pretty damn awesome…