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megan moroney

Megan Moroney “28th of June”

Megan Moroney is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists on the Country Music scene.

Her sultry voice, combined with her stellar songwriting skills and bombshell looks, make her one you can’t miss- in a very good way!

Earlier today, she released a new song called “28th of June”, and it’s the perfect heartbreak song:

Ahhhh! Definitely a gutwrencher. I love that her lyrics are simple, relatable, and almost every song could be a radio single.

Well done, once again, Megan!

She is reportedly working on her new album, and she is on the road this year with Kenny Chesney on his stadium tour this Summer, which means her star will only rise.


More info and tour dates at http://MeganMoroney.com

Megan Moroney “No Caller ID”

Megan Moroney is one of my favorite new artists on the Country scene. She’s got a unique, smoky voice that you don’t hear on the radio these days, as well as mad songwriting skills and smokeshow looks to complete the total package.

She burst onto the airwaves last year with her #1 debut single “Tennessee Orange” and she shows no signs of being a one-hit wonder.

Megan just released a new song yesterday, and it’s another great one- something ALL women (and guysm too, I’m sure) can releate to, as we all have been there.

It’s called “No Caller ID” and it’s really, really good.

I just love how the song flows, and the lyrics are spot on, as again, most of us have been there a time or two. Or three. Whatever.

If you haven’t checked out Megan’s highly lauded debut album “Lucky”, you need to get on that now. You won’t be dissapointed.

Also, Megan is hitting the road this Summer with Kenny Chesney on his stadium tour, which will only raise her profile more.

Get more info and tour dates at http://MeganMoroney.com

Megan Moroney “What Are You Listening To?”

One of my favorite newer artists on the Country Music scene is Megan Moroney.  A great singer/songwriter, she’s definitely been making some well-deserved waves in Nashville lately. This morning, she released a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “What Are You Listening To?” which she recently performed live, and it’s really, really good.

I absolutely love her smoky, alto voice, and her self-proclamed “Emo Cowgirl” vibe, and she’s teasing more new music in 2024.

Bring it, girl!

Also, she will be sharing the stage with Kenny Chesney on his Stadium Tour this Summer, alomg with The Zac Brown Band and Uncle Kracker, which is sure to up her profile even more.

Get more info and dates at http://MeganMoroney.com

Megan Moroney “I’m Not Pretty”

Megan Moroney got a lot of attention in the Country Music community recently with her song “Tennessee Orange”, which, let’s be honest, it’s perfect.  Anyone who is a college football fan can releate.  Well, she’s not wasting any time putting out new music (good!) and her new single “I’m Not Pretty” is catchy as hell.

How cute (and true!) is this?  It’s got a really fun and catchy sound, and in the age of social media, you know you have stalked your significant other’s ex or have been stalked yourself.  It’s a factual reflection on today’s society, and how catty women can be. You KNOW it’s true.

I think Megan might be here to stay.


Plus, we share a name and she spells it right, so bonus points to her!




Megan Moroney “Tennessee Orange”

Ok, so a few weeks back I was posting about Morgan Wallen’s new song “Tennessee Fan” (I’m from the great state of Tennessee. I had to share it- moral obligation)

Well, rumor has it that it’s inspired by this new song by Megan Moroney called “Tennessee Orange”.  According to the rumor mill, they had a thing going for a while, but niether Morgan or Megan would confiem nor deny it.  Either way, it’s a fantastic song!


Pretty dang solid. And it’s starting to chart in the Country world, so I’m thinking you can expect to hear a lot more of Megan in the future.  Plus, her name is Megan and spelled correctly like mine, so #respect.