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magical light displays

Taylor Swift Medley Christmas Light and Fireworks Show

Tis’ the Season for ridiculous holiday light displays!

I’m always impressed by big holiday light shows, especially as my holiday lights are always less than stellar. I always think I will do better the next year, and by the time the holidays roll around, I’m over my big ideas. So, kudos to anyone who puts the time, energy and money into their decorations. I’ll get there one day.

That being said, I always like to see what people come up with, and every year, the level of effort and creativity seems to level up.

This Taylor Swift Christmas light and fireworks display- yes- freaking FIRE WORKS- caught my eye this morning. THIS is next freaking level.

Any guesses what their utility bill is? I’m pretty sure they could put their entire neighborhood through college with it.

So, this guy, Tom BetGeorge with Magical Light Shows is behind the magic, and apparantly you can hire him to jazz up your house.

Check out his site here: https://magicallightshows.com/

Maybe one day when I win the lottery I’ll do one. It’ll be a Guns N Roses medley, and HOA will absolutely love it.