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New Song of the Week: 5-24-21

We all know that P!NK is a total badass, whose career has spanned a couple of decades now (Yes, decades. Really) So, it’s fair to say that she’s hit ICON status now. She manages to stay relevant, make good pop music, and most importantly, stay true to herself.  And her latest song “All I Know So Far” is definitely one of my favorites of hers that she’s put out in the past decade.


I love songs that actually have a little substance to them, and can actually inspire you to be better, and this one definitely does that.

There are no rules in life (except don’t be a jackass to others), and no set path you have to follow. Follow your heart and do you. That’s what I get out of this song, and I totally relate.


Did I mention that I love P!NK?