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universiy of minnesota dance team

University of Minnesota Wins National Title With Incredible Dance Performance to Aerosmith’s “Dream On”

You probably weren’t aware (unless you are in the dance world) that the “College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships” were held in Florida over the weekend. Or maybe you are now, since there has been a host of viral videos making the rounds these past few days, opening so many eyes to the sheer talent of these student athletes.

Anyhow, the College Dance World is getting some major attention, as it should, because these dancers are absolutely incredible.

First off, the University of Minnesota Dance Team- winner of the Jazz Championship!

I watched this three times in a row. I mean, how??? How did they DO THAT?

Keep in mind, these athletes have to go to school, as well as nail these routines.

I’m flabbergasted.

Here’s a few other notable performances, as I fell down the rabbit hole this week:

The DIA Hip-Hop Winners- The LSU Tiger Girls:


The DIA Jazz Winners- Ohio State University:

I also have to metion that my husband’s alma mater University of Memphis got 3rd in the DIA Hip-Hop Division:


But… noone is talking about the OPEN Hip-Hop Champions Northwest Mississippi Community College:

I mean, come on… a Community College bringing that much talent and winning? Where’s the news coverage on that?

Pretty damn badass if you ask me.

Oh, and another amazing routine that the LSU Tigers Girls brought…

I seriously can’t get enough.

As someone with negative zero dance skills, I salute these student-athletes, and wish like hell that I could do one-twentieth of what they can do.

I can do one half-assed pirouette. Before I get dizzy and trip over the dog, that is.

Did I miss any other stellar routines?

Let me know! I’m always happy to go back down the dance rabbit hole again.