I’m going to be completely honest- I was never a big Kane Brown fan.  Nothing against him- he has a great voice and story- but I never really clicked with his music until this song dropped this morning. “Thank God” fetaures his wife Katelyn’s vocals, and damnnnnn… she’s incredible. I knew she was a singer- but I didn’t realize that she was of that caliber. Seriously, give that woman a record deal!

I really love their voices together, and this is just a sweet song that I can see on the radio, and played at pretty much every wedding.

My family has a wedding venue in West Tennessee (Cogan’s Farm- look it up!) and I’m always on the lookout for great wedding songs, and this one makes the cut for sure.

Also, Kane Brown’s new album “Different Man” just dropped today. I’m really just wanting to hear more of his wife! Damn, girl!



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