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New Song of the Week: 9-17-21

I’ve been in love with Post Modern Jukebox for years, and vocialist Haley Reinhart for longer than that… since 2011 when she was on “American Idol”. Which is the last season I actively watched because lets be honest, it went way downhill after that.

Haley has often been a part of PMJ and some viral retro-style covers like Radiohead’s “Creep” and Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun”, and after 5 years, she’s back with a cover of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”!

I mean, DAMN girl.  Damnnnnnn…

Her voice is just beyond. And her stage presence and look… she’s total freaking package.  I’d give my right eye for a voice like that!

How is she not Top Tier level pop star?  Seriously. WTF???

Whatever. The world is weird.  Haley + Post Modern Jukebox is always a win, and I’m so glad they’re back together!


New Song of the Week: 9-9-21

I’m a happy woman, as there is new music from one of my favorite modern rock bands on the scene Halestorm!

I’ve had a mad girl crush on Lzzy Hale for over a decade…those vocals, looks, AND plays rythym guitar? Be still my heart.  She’s pretty much everything I wish I could be, but I mean… reality check. Only Lzzy has that combo.


Anyhow, Halestorm recently dropped their new single “Back From the Dead” and of course, it totally rocks.

Damn, right? It’s like her voice just keeps getting better and better.  I can’t wait for the new album, and my only real bitch about this song is that I can’t sing along to it.  I mean, I could, but I’d break a vocal cord in half even attempting what she can do.


Kudos to Lzzy and the boys.

New Song Of The Week: 9-2-21

In honor of those 13 brave Marines who gave their all in Afghanistan last week, Brantley Gilbert released a song in their honor “Gone But Not Forgotten”.  I’m not trying to get political here… but I feel like our fallen soldiers should get all the respect possible by our fellow countrymen.  Sadly, that doesn’t always happen.

Country music always does a great job of supporting our military, and showing respect for those who gave all.

As a military wife, I definitely appreciate it, and I know our soldier do as well.

Thank you, always, to those who serve, and never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can live our lives freely.

I know as Americans we complain A LOT, but you know what?  We have it damn good here.  And our military is to thank for it.

New Song of the Week: 8-26-21

I always feel like Kacey Musgraves can do no wrong musicially.  Ever since she came on the scene on the “Oh, Tonight” duet with Josh Abbott, I’ve been in love with her magical voice and persona.  And she keeps raising the bar musically with each album.  Would I like it if she stayed more Country? Sure. But I’m going to be honest, Country radio has been kind of crap to her, and barely adding some of her better songs, while other more “Pop-Country” females got airplay like crazy.  I remember getting in trouble for playing “Follow Your Arrow” on a station before (not one I currently work with) , and this happened at many “Country” stations across America, so can you blame her for expanding her musical horizons and doing her own thing?


When she did that with her last album “Golden Hour”, she pretty much swept the Grammys.  So, she’s onto something here. There’s no other artist like her right now.  That being said, here’s her new single “Star Crossed” which addresses her recent divore to fellow Country musician Ruston Kelly.

It’s your typical “Spacey Kacey” sound, and I’m loving it.  She’s writing what she knows, and adding some cool texture to the song to make it stand out. I can’t wait for her new album “Star Crossed” which will be out September 10th.

I feel like Kacey is one of the better female artists out there- in ANY genre- and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


Also, can I have her voice and legs?  Is that so much to ask?


New Song of the Week: 8-19-21

I’m a huge Rolling Stones fan (Rolling Stones > Beatles, always) and I am so happy that they are still alive and kicking.  Not only are they touring this Fall, but they’re also putting out a “Tattoo You” box set in October featuring some previously unreleased songs, and here is one they just released today called “Living in the Heart of Love”:

Classic Rolling Stones. There’s 8 more previously unreleased tracks coming this Fall, so get ready!


New Song of the Week: 8-12-21

In honor of Metallica’s 30th anniversary of their iconic “Black” album, which was released 30 years ago TODAY (for realsies), I want to bring attention to the glorious cover of one of the BEST songs on the “Black” album.

Metallica is badass. The “Black” album is badass. Mix in Chris Stapleton?




I never get tired of this song, and I never get tired of Chris Stapleton’s ridiculous vocals, so it’s obviously a win.


An entire album full of “Black” album covers will be released on September 10th, and you bet I’m here for it.

New Song of the Week: 8-5-21

As you may know, I have a major girl crush on Miranda Lambert because she’s a total badass.  So, it makes sense that I’m loving her dance-pop remix of “Tequila Does”. It’s a perfect, fun, late Summer jam, with a great music video to go with it.

I feel like with all the bad stuff going on (Still!) in 2021, a fun, light-hearted bop about something I can’t even indulge in (because preggo) is just what we need.


Can anyone create booze that won’t cross a placenta? Please? I’ll totally invest.


In the meantime, I shall live vicariously through Miranda Lambert.


New Song of the Week: 7-29-21

Not gonna lie, the first time I heard that “Gossip Girl” actress Taylor Momsen was going to front a hard rock band, I may have rolled my eyes.  I totally take that gesture back, as I feel she has more than proven herself as a rock vocalist, and The Pretty Reckless has been kicking some serious tail on the rock radio scene these past few years.  Yep- I was totally wrong. And their latest release “Only Love Can Save Me Now” keeps the badassery coming.


Love the opening riffs, and Taylors vocals are perfect for the genre.  I’ve always dug strong Alto voices (maybe because I’m an Alto?) and Taylor rocks it.  And as always, I’m happy to see more women in Mainstream Rock.  People complain about the lack of women in Country… but we need more women on the Rock scene as well.  Women like Taylor, Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale are blazing that much needed trail!


New Song of the Week: 7-22-21

As you may know, Metallica is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their “Black” album in September with a bunch of re-releases and artists covering some of the biggest hits from the album.  They chose Country star Jon Pardi (Who I just love!) to cover “Wherever I May Roam”. At first, I thought, “Um, really? How is THAT going to work?”

You know what? It does.


Jon Pardi can rock, but still keep his Country twang that’s he’s known for.  I know some die-hard rockers will hate it because they are allergic to Country, but if you keep an open mind, I think one can appreciate the effort.


I can’t wait for the “Black Album” anniversary, and to hear more renditions of Metallica’s best!


New Song of the Week: 7-14-21


When I first heard Midland’s “Drinking Problem” on the radio during a road trip in 2016, I immediately googled them, and then downloaded the song.  I’m a big 90’s Country fan, and this song reminded me of that golden era of sonic perfection.

Fast forward 5 years, and Midland has established themselves as a radio staple and continue to put out great Country music that actually sounds Country.  And they do it while looking chill AF.  Who wouldn’t want to party with these guys?

Here’s their new single “Sunrise Tells the Story”:

Yep. Freaking Modern Country Gold.


Also, their new EP “The Last Resort” drops on Friday, and I’m so here for it.


We NEED more Country like this!