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New Song of the Week: 5-13-21

Chris Stapleton is here to save Country Music.

I honestly don’t think the man is capable of putting out a bad song.  That voice, that style… it’s just a shame that America didn’t discover him before the CMA awards back in 2015.

His latest single “You Should Probably Leave” is another great Country (Like real Country. Not FGL Country) radio-friendly jam which follows up his latest #1 single “Starting Over”.

I love the laid back, bluesey feel the song, as well as his wife Morgane’s ever-present back-up vocals.  Why she hasn’t released an album yet, I have no clue.  She is beyond incredible.


Anyway, another win for Chris Stapleton and Country radio in general.

New Song of the Week: 5-5-21

Yeah, yeah, I’m always posting about Miranda Lambert?

You know why?  Because she’s a BADASS and she always delivers.

She’s got her “Marfa Tapes” with Jack Ingram and John Randall coming out on Friday, and I am ALL about it.  And she released one of the singles “Geraldine” which is a mix of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Women Enough”. That’s all you need to know.

Pretty sure we need to be best friends, and I mean that in the non-creepiest way possible.


We need more Mirandas in Country music!  Actually, in music in general.


New Song of the Week 4-27-21

Ok, so I was already a fan of The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears”- which, by the way, is #1 this week on the Top 40 charts. (What can I say, I can call them!)

So, when I hear that Ariana Grande was going to be on the remix, I was ALL about it, and am not disappointed at all.  Ariana Grande has one of the most pure, incredible voices, and it totally works with this song.  I’m going to be honest, her last few songs she’s out out haven’t appealed to me as she doesn’t enunciate her words when she’s singing, and I know that’s trendy and all, but I prefer to not have to google every lyric.  Mariah Carey did the same thing later in her career, and it’s a shame, as these women have such spectacular voices and they get get lost in the jumble of lyrics.  Anyway, I was really happy to hear Ari use her vocal skills and it meshes perfectly with The Weeknd’s voice and hit song.

Yeah, the video is weird.  But it’s The Weeknd, so…

I’m just adding this to my horseback riding playlist, as the beats go well with a trot.

Now I’m the weird one.



New Song of the Week: 4-13

Ok, so being a HUGE Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters fan, I may have squealed a little (ok, a LOT) when I saw this pop up today.  Mick Jagger got ahold of Dave to do a song called “Easy Sleazy” about the pandemic and the absolute hot mess dumpster fire that was the past year, and that is trickling into now.  Is the song great? Not really.  Is it supposed to be? I really don’t think so.  It’s basically just a fun, rock song about how dumb out world has become by two freaking legends.  So that right there makes it cool.

I needed Mick and Dave today.


New Song of the Week 4-7

As I’ve mentioned about a million times, I love ALL kinds of music… Rock, Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Classic Hits, Blues… the list goes on and on.  I always find it really annoying when someone says “Ewwwww….Country?” or “Ewwwww… Top 40? New music sucks”, and what’s usually the case is that they may have heard one or three songs from that genre and based their opinions on that.  Actually, that’s kind of a metaphor for everything in life, am I right?

Anyhow, this week I’m going pop and giving props to Olivia Rodrigo- she just had smash with “Drivers License” but I have to say I’m loving her new single “Deja Vu” even more. It’s catchy. it’s fun, it captures an all-too-common emotion of a scorned woman, and mentions Billy Joel.  I’m all in.

Another thing I’m digging… she’s 18, and keeping it classy (for now).  It’s refreshing to see that.

New Song of the Week 3-31-21

I know, I know… it’s the second week in a row that I’m featuring a Country song, but this one is gonna be a Summer bar anthem in every college town.  Travis Denning is an up and coming Country artist with a #1 hit under his belt with “After a Few”, and I’m thinking this new song “ABBY” (Anybody But You) is going to follow suit.

It’s not a song to be taken too seriously- just a fun, radio-friendly party song that a lot of people can relate to.  Also, I got a chance to chat with Travis earlier this week, and he’s an absolute doll. Be on the lookout for the full interview on Friday!

If you have a song you think needs some love and some airplay, let me know! I’m always on the lookout for great new stuff.


New Song of the Week 3-22

Darius Rucker is just one of the coolest dudes… who else can claim fame in one of the most iconic 90’s bands (Hootie and the Blowfish) and then just randomly pop up on the Country Music scene in the late 2000’s and just become a permanent fixture in that genre as well?  That’s easy.  NOBODY.

And what’s cool is, Darius has continued these past 14 years to put out great, radio friendly Country music that is easy to listen to and relate to (and doesn’t mention getting blitzed on Fireball while making your girl with her cutoff jeans and tan legs give you a lap dance while getting a beer, which is a rarity these days) and his latest single “My Masterpiece” continues his hot streak.


I spoke to Darius today (Not even joking.  I’m still in shock) and he says the new album is due out by the end of this Summer, and if his last two singles – this one, and his latest #1 “Beers and Sunshine” are any indication, it’s gonna be another great effort by Darius.

Country Music is lucky to have him.


Stay tuned for my interview with him out later this week!

New Song of the Week 3-15

When Dua Lipa first came on the scene, I was like “Meh. Ok.” But man, this past year she has been on FIRE!  She has been steadily putting out disco infused pop that’s both fun and radio friendly (Sorry Cardi B. I just can’t) and I am so here for it.

Her latest “We’re Good” is a bit slower than what she’s been putting out, and it proves that she’s just not a dance diva.  I especially love that it’s a break up song that’s not rude or salty or hateful to the other party.  She’s just like, hey, we didn’t work out. Bye, Have a great life. No muss, no fuss.  No social media drama or insult flinging, just a mature way of saying, “Hey, you’re not the right one. Doesn’t mean you suck.” I wish we could deal with so many life issues this way.


Dua Lipa is quickly becoming one of my favorite modern pop artists.  Definitely need more of her!


Also, the video is pretty cool. I’m never eating lobster again.

New Song Of The Week 2-22-21

I freaking LOVE The Foo Fighters.

Not only are they fantastic musicians who master the art of staying relevant without having to overhaul their sound, they also don’t take themselves too seriously. Which, let’s be honest, many musicians can learn from them on this.

They recently teamed up with BBC radio to cover The BeeGees classic “You Should Be Dancing” (I’m a BeeGees fan, too. Judge away. I care not) and the end result was glorious.



New Song of the Week 2-15-21

Being a Van Halen fan. it’s only natural to want to embrace the music of the offspring of one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived.

Wolfgang Van Halen makes it easy to do that.

He’s got an album coming out with his project Mammoth WVH, and he just released a new single off of it. It’s called “You’re to Blame” and I LOVE it!  It’s got that early-2000’s rock vibe going for it, and a catchy chorus and big guitar, and I am all for it.  I can’t wait for the full album.


I know Eddie Van Halen is proud as hell of his son.  He should be.