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Kansas City Chiefs “Falling For Football”

It’s NFL Post-Season, and having lived a large portion of my adult life in Kansas, of course I’m pulling for the Chiefs!

And I have a feeling a lot more people will, too, after this Hallmark movie themed hype video got released.

I choked on my coffee watching it this morning.

Sadly, Taylor Swift wasn’t in the video, but Donna Kelce is! “The heart can be in two places at once”… PERFECT! (If you know, you know)

I know some people are complaining about this video, but honestly? I love it!  And I actually can’t stand Hallmark movies, but this made me smile this morning. Not everything has to be so dang serious, people.  Let it go.

Also, the Chiefs are taking on Miami Saturday night at Arrowhead Stadium where it will be a tundra weather-wise.

Hopefully this will freeze Miami up?

We’ll see!




The NEW ESPN College GameDay Theme Song

College Football Season is HERE!!!!

Can I get an AMEN?

Which basically means Fall is here, and I’m beyond ready.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Big & Rich would no longer be singing ESPN College Gameday’s opening song “Comin’ to Your City”- which was the theme for 16 years. Well, the replacement theme song has just been released, and it’s basically an updated version of “Comin’ to Your City” with The Cadillac Three, Lainey Wilson, and Darius Rucker, and it’s perfect.

Also, I just love Lainey Wilson.

Here’s the OG version by Big & Rich:

So, basically, just a super fun, freshened up version. I’m here for it!

ESPN College Gameday starts at 11:30AM ET tomorrow, and Darius Rucker will be the guest picker for the “Battle of the Carolinas” matchup.

Fall is here, ya’ll!!!!

Well, not technically, but College football and hunting season (Dove) started yesterday, so that’s good enough for me!

Morgan Wallen “Tennessee Fan”

I case you were under a rock these past few days, TENNESSEE BEAT ALABAMA.

It’s kind of a big deal.

Even though I gew up in West Tennessee, I’ve never fully commited to Vols superfandom- but I can appreciate them, and always cheer for them when they’re playing.  So, even I was excited that Tennessee beat Alabama this past Saturday night.

It’s been a long damn time coming.

And Morgan Wallen – who like many Country stars are huge Vols fans- just honored the moment with a snippet of a song called “Tennessee Fan”.

Well, that’s kind of perfect, right?

Hopefully he’ll release the full song SOON!!!

What a great way to memorialize a pretty freaking huge moment in Tennessee sports.

Wayyyyy better than tearing down a goal post if you ask me.