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nfl post season

Kansas City Chiefs “Falling For Football”

It’s NFL Post-Season, and having lived a large portion of my adult life in Kansas, of course I’m pulling for the Chiefs!

And I have a feeling a lot more people will, too, after this Hallmark movie themed hype video got released.

I choked on my coffee watching it this morning.

Sadly, Taylor Swift wasn’t in the video, but Donna Kelce is! “The heart can be in two places at once”… PERFECT! (If you know, you know)

I know some people are complaining about this video, but honestly? I love it!  And I actually can’t stand Hallmark movies, but this made me smile this morning. Not everything has to be so dang serious, people.  Let it go.

Also, the Chiefs are taking on Miami Saturday night at Arrowhead Stadium where it will be a tundra weather-wise.

Hopefully this will freeze Miami up?

We’ll see!