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Tanya Tucker

Lainey Wilson, Elle King and Tanya Tanya Tucker “Texas (When I Die)”

CMA Fest 2023 took place last month in Nashville- have you ever been? Omg. It’s a Country fan’s dream. So many incredible performances from the best in the industry, and the highlights always air later in the Summer on ABC.  Well, they had their CMA Fest Special last night hosted by Dierks Bentley, Lainey Wilson and Elle King, and one of my favorite performances involves two of the hosts, and the “Mother Trucker” herself Tanya Tucker on one of her classics “Texas (When I Die)”

Tanya still has it!!!

And damn, Lainey and Elle do, too.  This new generation of women in Country is straight fire.

Keep on breaking up the sausage party that is Country music!!!

Tanya Tucker Rides a Horse Onto the Opry Stage!

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved Tanya Tucker. Not only is she a great Country singer-like, total LEGEND status- but she has always been an equine enthusiast as I have been since pretty much birth.  She actually used to show Arabian Horses, which is the breed I’ve always been into, but lately has moved onto Friesians, which, really, unless you are super rich, good luck affording one!  They’re like the Onyx Unicorns of the equine species.

Anyhow, Tanya made quite the entrance at the Grand Ole Opry Friday night, riding her Friesian Stallion onstage!


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Tanya was at the Opry to promote her new album “Sweet Western Sound” which came out this past Friday.

Always a total QUEEN!