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shania twain

Shania Twain “Giddy Up!”

I’ve been a Shania Twain fan since I first heard “Any Man of Mine” on the radio in Junior High, and I am SO happy that she’s back!

She just dropped a new single from her upcoming album “Queen of Me” and it’s super fun.

This is the Shania that I love… upbeat, fun, sexy and catchy.  Also, being a horse girl, I’m pretty sure I’ll use this on a Tik Tok in the future.

Shania’s new album “Queen of Me” comes out Feb 3rd.


Can I say it?


“Let’s GO Girls!”

Shania Twain Announces New Album and Tour for 2023!


Shania Twain has always been one of my role models.

The first time I heard her song “Any Man of Mine” on 107.7 in Henderson, TN, I was 12 years old. I remember hearing the song on the radio and thinking “Yessss!!!!” I loved the beat and the sass and the fact that it was such a departure from what was typically “Country” at the time, yet still had the twang. Yes, I cared about those things even then.

Then I saw the music video at a friend’s house (we didn’t have cable at mine) and it was pretty much life changing.  Here was this stunning woman sashaying around a barn with her horses- being sexy and badass at the same time.  Growing up on a farm and being a “horse girl”, I thought that you couldn’t be both a farm girl and sexy, but seeing Shania do her thing on CMT showed 12 year-old me that it totally COULD happen.  You can be a country girl, have some sass and fire, and totally kick ass. She proved that to me, and it was a pretty major moment in my young life, realizing that you can be all the things.

Fast forward through a couple of decades of Shania being a badass…

and she’s BACK!

Her new album is called “Queen of Me” (LOVE the title and the cover art!) and she has a tour to follow. Yeah, it’s only a few dates, but if there was ever an artist worth a road trip for it’s her!

Photo Credit: Louie Banks

More info on the album and tour here.

Can I say it? Please????


“Let’s Go Girls”!


Also. check out her documentary on Netflix. It’s pretty fantastic!