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The Top Selling Country Albums of All Time

As a longtime Country Music fan, I thought this was kind of interesting.

Have you ever wondered what Country artist sold the most albums to date?

Not a shocker, many in the Top 10 are 90’s Country artists, when CDs were in their heyday.

Remember buying an entire CD, and paying almost $20 just for a song or two?

Good times.

It WAS great for the record business, though, as evidenced below.

Here are the top ten selling country music albums of all-time, according to RIAA’s album sales:



1.  “Double Live” by Garth Brooks

Released: November 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 23 million

I still have this CD set somewhere. It’s freaking awesome to this day.


2.  “Come on Over” by Shania Twain

Released: November 1997

Certified U.S. sales: 20 million

Again, another classic. One of my favorites during my Senior year in High School.


3.  “No Fences” by Garth Brooks

Released: August 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 18 million

One word: ICONIC


4.  “Ropin’ the Wind” by Garth Brooks

Released: September 1991

Certified U.S. sales: 14 million

Two words: Game Changer

Also, I want that shirt.


5.  “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks

Released: January 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 13 million

Let’s be real. They were damn good. A lot of people hate on them, bu their old stuff is pretty dang legit.


6.  “The Woman in Me” by Shania Twain

Released: February 1995

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

This was a life changer for me.



7.  “Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits” by Kenny Rogers

Released: October 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

To everyone hating on Pop stars going Country… Kenny Rogers started out as a Pop Artist, so, your argument is invalid.

8.  “Fly” by Dixie Chicks

Released: August 1999

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million



9.  “Up!” by Shania Twain

Released: November 2002

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million

Another High School staple for every small-town girl



10.  “Fearless” by Taylor Swift

Released: November 2008

Certified U.S. sales: 10 million

Imma be honest… I prefer Pop Taylor to Country Taylor.

I know, hate me all you want.

Check out the entire Top 40 Best Selling Country Albums of All Time at https://countrychord.com/the-top-40-highest-selling-country-albums-of-all-time/

Fun fact:  Morgan Wallen’s“Dangerous: The Double Album” came in #32 on this list with 6 million in sales even though it was only released in 2021.



Second fun fact:  Garth is #8 all-time out of all genres in album sales.  “Their Greatest Hits” by the Eagles is #1 with 38 million.

Hot. Damn.



What is YOUR favorite Country album of all time?

Drop you comments below:

The Foo Fighters and Shania Twain “Best of You”

Ok, I wish I had been there to see this live.

I LOVEEEE the Foo Fighters, and have been a Shania Twain fan since she came on the scene when I was in Jr. High, so seeing this live would have blown my little mind.

At ACL Fest over the weekend, The Foos brought on none other than Shania to perform one of my favorite Foo Fighters songs “Best of You”:

How cool was that?

I mean, was it a great performance? Nah. But come on, Shania’s voice got all jacked up when she had Lyme disease, and the fact that she’s even out there is cool. I know there’s been some haters online, but come the heck on. Lighten the hell up! Shania just shared the stage with The Foos. That’s what I’m focusing on.

Can we get a collab, please? I feel like Dave would be accepted in any genre, anytime, anywhere.

This made my heart happy this morning.

Shania Twain “Giddy Up!”

I’ve been a Shania Twain fan since I first heard “Any Man of Mine” on the radio in Junior High, and I am SO happy that she’s back!

She just dropped a new single from her upcoming album “Queen of Me” and it’s super fun.

This is the Shania that I love… upbeat, fun, sexy and catchy.  Also, being a horse girl, I’m pretty sure I’ll use this on a Tik Tok in the future.

Shania’s new album “Queen of Me” comes out Feb 3rd.


Can I say it?


“Let’s GO Girls!”

Shania Twain Announces New Album and Tour for 2023!


Shania Twain has always been one of my role models.

The first time I heard her song “Any Man of Mine” on 107.7 in Henderson, TN, I was 12 years old. I remember hearing the song on the radio and thinking “Yessss!!!!” I loved the beat and the sass and the fact that it was such a departure from what was typically “Country” at the time, yet still had the twang. Yes, I cared about those things even then.

Then I saw the music video at a friend’s house (we didn’t have cable at mine) and it was pretty much life changing.  Here was this stunning woman sashaying around a barn with her horses- being sexy and badass at the same time.  Growing up on a farm and being a “horse girl”, I thought that you couldn’t be both a farm girl and sexy, but seeing Shania do her thing on CMT showed 12 year-old me that it totally COULD happen.  You can be a country girl, have some sass and fire, and totally kick ass. She proved that to me, and it was a pretty major moment in my young life, realizing that you can be all the things.

Fast forward through a couple of decades of Shania being a badass…

and she’s BACK!

Her new album is called “Queen of Me” (LOVE the title and the cover art!) and she has a tour to follow. Yeah, it’s only a few dates, but if there was ever an artist worth a road trip for it’s her!

Photo Credit: Louie Banks

More info on the album and tour here.

Can I say it? Please????


“Let’s Go Girls”!


Also. check out her documentary on Netflix. It’s pretty fantastic!