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top 10 selling country albums of all time

The Top Selling Country Albums of All Time

As a longtime Country Music fan, I thought this was kind of interesting.

Have you ever wondered what Country artist sold the most albums to date?

Not a shocker, many in the Top 10 are 90’s Country artists, when CDs were in their heyday.

Remember buying an entire CD, and paying almost $20 just for a song or two?

Good times.

It WAS great for the record business, though, as evidenced below.

Here are the top ten selling country music albums of all-time, according to RIAA’s album sales:



1.  “Double Live” by Garth Brooks

Released: November 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 23 million

I still have this CD set somewhere. It’s freaking awesome to this day.


2.  “Come on Over” by Shania Twain

Released: November 1997

Certified U.S. sales: 20 million

Again, another classic. One of my favorites during my Senior year in High School.


3.  “No Fences” by Garth Brooks

Released: August 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 18 million

One word: ICONIC


4.  “Ropin’ the Wind” by Garth Brooks

Released: September 1991

Certified U.S. sales: 14 million

Two words: Game Changer

Also, I want that shirt.


5.  “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks

Released: January 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 13 million

Let’s be real. They were damn good. A lot of people hate on them, bu their old stuff is pretty dang legit.


6.  “The Woman in Me” by Shania Twain

Released: February 1995

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

This was a life changer for me.



7.  “Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits” by Kenny Rogers

Released: October 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

To everyone hating on Pop stars going Country… Kenny Rogers started out as a Pop Artist, so, your argument is invalid.

8.  “Fly” by Dixie Chicks

Released: August 1999

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million



9.  “Up!” by Shania Twain

Released: November 2002

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million

Another High School staple for every small-town girl



10.  “Fearless” by Taylor Swift

Released: November 2008

Certified U.S. sales: 10 million

Imma be honest… I prefer Pop Taylor to Country Taylor.

I know, hate me all you want.

Check out the entire Top 40 Best Selling Country Albums of All Time at https://countrychord.com/the-top-40-highest-selling-country-albums-of-all-time/

Fun fact:  Morgan Wallen’s“Dangerous: The Double Album” came in #32 on this list with 6 million in sales even though it was only released in 2021.



Second fun fact:  Garth is #8 all-time out of all genres in album sales.  “Their Greatest Hits” by the Eagles is #1 with 38 million.

Hot. Damn.



What is YOUR favorite Country album of all time?

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