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Post Malone Covers Garth Brooks “Friends in Low Places”

Post Malone just threw us another Country Bone with a recent cover of Garth Brooks’ iconic “Friends in Low Places” in the studio while working on his Country project.

And, of course, it’s DAMN good.

Like, really good.

Ok, I hope he releases a cover of that with the guys he’s working on his Country album on, like Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, ERNEST, etc.

That needs to happen, am I right?

Also, Posty needs to stop teasing us, and release his Country project already!

Or at least a full song.

I’m not picky.


The Top Selling Country Albums of All Time

As a longtime Country Music fan, I thought this was kind of interesting.

Have you ever wondered what Country artist sold the most albums to date?

Not a shocker, many in the Top 10 are 90’s Country artists, when CDs were in their heyday.

Remember buying an entire CD, and paying almost $20 just for a song or two?

Good times.

It WAS great for the record business, though, as evidenced below.

Here are the top ten selling country music albums of all-time, according to RIAA’s album sales:



1.  “Double Live” by Garth Brooks

Released: November 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 23 million

I still have this CD set somewhere. It’s freaking awesome to this day.


2.  “Come on Over” by Shania Twain

Released: November 1997

Certified U.S. sales: 20 million

Again, another classic. One of my favorites during my Senior year in High School.


3.  “No Fences” by Garth Brooks

Released: August 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 18 million

One word: ICONIC


4.  “Ropin’ the Wind” by Garth Brooks

Released: September 1991

Certified U.S. sales: 14 million

Two words: Game Changer

Also, I want that shirt.


5.  “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks

Released: January 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 13 million

Let’s be real. They were damn good. A lot of people hate on them, bu their old stuff is pretty dang legit.


6.  “The Woman in Me” by Shania Twain

Released: February 1995

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

This was a life changer for me.



7.  “Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits” by Kenny Rogers

Released: October 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

To everyone hating on Pop stars going Country… Kenny Rogers started out as a Pop Artist, so, your argument is invalid.

8.  “Fly” by Dixie Chicks

Released: August 1999

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million



9.  “Up!” by Shania Twain

Released: November 2002

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million

Another High School staple for every small-town girl



10.  “Fearless” by Taylor Swift

Released: November 2008

Certified U.S. sales: 10 million

Imma be honest… I prefer Pop Taylor to Country Taylor.

I know, hate me all you want.

Check out the entire Top 40 Best Selling Country Albums of All Time at https://countrychord.com/the-top-40-highest-selling-country-albums-of-all-time/

Fun fact:  Morgan Wallen’s“Dangerous: The Double Album” came in #32 on this list with 6 million in sales even though it was only released in 2021.



Second fun fact:  Garth is #8 all-time out of all genres in album sales.  “Their Greatest Hits” by the Eagles is #1 with 38 million.

Hot. Damn.



What is YOUR favorite Country album of all time?

Drop you comments below:

Are These the Best Male Country Singers of All Time?

A few weeks ago, Studyfinds.com compiled a list of the Best Female Country Singers, and they nailed it! Dolly Parton was #1, and I don’t think anyone can argue that!

Studyfinds.com just followed up with a list of the Best Male Country Singers, and it’s pretty spot on as well.

At least the Top 3 are.

Although, I think Kenny Chesney (no disrespect to him) could have been replaced by a more legendary singer like George Jones…

1. George Strait
With over 70 million records sold, George Strait is one of the most successful country singers of all time. He’s had 44 number one hits and has won numerous awards. “Throughout his music career which spans for more than 30 years, Strait holds 60 No. 1 singles, more than any other artist in any genre. He amassed 33 platinum, 13 multi-platinum and 38 gold albums, more than any country artist and third across all genres behind only The Beatles and Elvis Presley.”

“He is the only performer in history to have a Top 10 hit every year for over three decades.”

Also, he’s freaking GEORGE STRAIT.

2. Garth Brooks

Garth is another legend in the business.
According to studyfinds:

“Since the release of his debut album, “Garth Brooks”, in 1989, Brooks has made a practice of taking risks and defying the rules, jamming his hands into all sorts of star-maker machinery and seeing exactly how far he can go: for example, writing ‘The Thunder Rolls,’ a song about a man who cheats on his wife, and making a video for it that shows not only the husband’s torrid affair but his violent comeuppance. In Nashville, where newcomers are practically issued handbooks on the accepted ways of doing business — which means playing it safe — that’s living dangerously indeed.”

“Brooks has enjoyed one of the most successful careers in popular music history, breaking records for both sales and concert attendance throughout the 1990s. Garth Brooks still continues to sell well and according to Nielsen Soundscan, his album sales through the end of 2009 are at 68,363,000, which makes him the best-selling albums artist in the United States in the SoundScan era, a title held since 1991, well over 7 million ahead of his nearest rival, The Beatles.”

Garth is life, ya’ll. I’m here for this choice, too.


3. Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson, was actually my introduction to Country music when my family  moved to TN when I was a kid.

“Chattahoochie” anyone???

According to Studyfinds.com, Alan Jackson has had a successful career spanning several decades, with over 50 million records sold. He’s known for his traditional country sound and has won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards.

Britannica mentions his high pedigree, “A traditionalist in his musical approach, Jackson became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1991, and he acknowledged his roots in 1999 on Under the Influence, an album featuring his interpretations of songs by artists such as Merle Haggard, Charley Pride, and Gene Watson. Jackson also recorded with Jones, George Strait, Randy Travis, and Jimmy Buffett, among others.”


4. Tim McGraw

I do love me some Tim McGraw, and he comes in at #4 in the study.

Tim McGraw has been a mainstay in country music since the 1990s, with over 80 million records sold. He’s known for his powerful vocals and has won multiple awards throughout his career.   “With hits like ‘Indian Outlaw’ and ‘I Like It,’ Tim McGraw quickly established himself as one of the country music industry’s rising stars in the mid-’90s. It is the best thing to do. Playing to his sensitive side in order to maintain his career was an important aspect of his upbringing. When it comes to dependability, it is clear that McGraw stands out as one of the country’s best.”

Me, I’m still trying to figure if “Indian Outlaw” is considered Cultural Appropriaton these days. (I kid!)


5. Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney was actually my first concert when I was 12! (Heyo MidSouth Fair 4-H Trip!)

Love him as an artist, and he’s a great live performer… but #5? Questionable.

Here’s what the study says…

“Kenny Chesney is a much celebrated country music singer from America. Out of the 16 albums he has released so far, 14 have received gold certificate or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Over 40 of his songs have been included in the top 10 singles on the Hot Country Songs list of US Billboard. 28 songs have even reached number one. After selling more than 30 million albums across the globe, he has become one of the most successful cross-over country artists till date.”
He finds himself very close to the stop of the country music world as Forbes says, “Eight leaders on the Billboard 200 certainly advances his own personal standing, but he is still stuck in second place when it comes to the most No. 1 albums on the all-genre listing when looking only at country artists. He remains just one chart-topper behind Garth Brooks, who, so far, cannot be beaten when it comes to ruling the charts.”

Check out the full study here

Who do you think should have made the list?