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dave grohl

The Mudpuddles “Lake Beach”

In case you missed it… on “Saturday Night Live”, there was a skit with comedian Nate Bargatze and SNL cast members making fun of Country Music with a song called “Lakebeach” sung by a band called “The MudPuddles”.

I snorted coffee up my nose I laughed so damn hard, and I may now have to go to the ER.

This is freaking GOLD.

Anyone who grew up in the Country knows about the damn Lake Beach.

For me, it was Piney Lake in West Tennessee.

Don’t knock the damn Lake Beach until you’ve tried it, ok?

Also, how awesome is Dave Grohl in the sketch?

Seriously, I had to watch this seven times already, and it’s so perfect and hilarious. Only because it’s 1,000% true.

God Bless Lake Beaches and Country Music!

The Foo Fighters and Shania Twain “Best of You”

Ok, I wish I had been there to see this live.

I LOVEEEE the Foo Fighters, and have been a Shania Twain fan since she came on the scene when I was in Jr. High, so seeing this live would have blown my little mind.

At ACL Fest over the weekend, The Foos brought on none other than Shania to perform one of my favorite Foo Fighters songs “Best of You”:

How cool was that?

I mean, was it a great performance? Nah. But come on, Shania’s voice got all jacked up when she had Lyme disease, and the fact that she’s even out there is cool. I know there’s been some haters online, but come the heck on. Lighten the hell up! Shania just shared the stage with The Foos. That’s what I’m focusing on.

Can we get a collab, please? I feel like Dave would be accepted in any genre, anytime, anywhere.

This made my heart happy this morning.