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lake beach

The Mudpuddles “Lake Beach”

In case you missed it… on “Saturday Night Live”, there was a skit with comedian Nate Bargatze and SNL cast members making fun of Country Music with a song called “Lakebeach” sung by a band called “The MudPuddles”.

I snorted coffee up my nose I laughed so damn hard, and I may now have to go to the ER.

This is freaking GOLD.

Anyone who grew up in the Country knows about the damn Lake Beach.

For me, it was Piney Lake in West Tennessee.

Don’t knock the damn Lake Beach until you’ve tried it, ok?

Also, how awesome is Dave Grohl in the sketch?

Seriously, I had to watch this seven times already, and it’s so perfect and hilarious. Only because it’s 1,000% true.

God Bless Lake Beaches and Country Music!