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yung gravy

Yung Gravy Feat. Shania Twain “White Claw”

Country Music is ALL about collabs these days. And, for the most part, I’m no mad at it.

I love hearing what different artists sound like together, and what they can bring out in each other.

But every now and again, a collab happens that really shouldn’t.

Enter Yung Gravy and Shania Twain.

Yung Gravy is a rapper, who like many, wants to cross over to Country because it’s the thing to do these days, and Shania is just a legend.

Which is why I’m curious as to why she agreed to be on a song with Yung Gravy called “White Claw”:

What. Was. That.

First off, White Claw is gross.

I’m a pretty basic bitch, but even I can’t do White Claw.

This makes no sense.

I love you Shania, but this is a no from me.

Maybe if the song was about Coors Banquet or Yellowtail Merlot or Makers Mark…

But White Claw?



We all have our things I guess?