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Morgan Wallen “Tennessee Fan”


A few months ago, Morgan Wallen was teasing a new song called “Tennessee Fan” after the Tennessee beat Alabama (which happens NEVER), and it caused a lot of excitement.

Well, the full song dropped this morning! Happy Friday!

It’s a part of Morgan’s new release that came out today called “One Thing at a Time” which features three new songs including “Tennessee Fan”.


Oh, and his doing a world tour next year with HARDY, Parker McCollum, ERNEST and Bailey Zimmerman, which will be pretty damn amazing.

Get dates and info here

We’ve got a lot of new music from so many incredible artists coming our way… I’ll do my best to keep you posted!


Morgan Wallen “Tennessee Fan”

I case you were under a rock these past few days, TENNESSEE BEAT ALABAMA.

It’s kind of a big deal.

Even though I gew up in West Tennessee, I’ve never fully commited to Vols superfandom- but I can appreciate them, and always cheer for them when they’re playing.  So, even I was excited that Tennessee beat Alabama this past Saturday night.

It’s been a long damn time coming.

And Morgan Wallen – who like many Country stars are huge Vols fans- just honored the moment with a snippet of a song called “Tennessee Fan”.

Well, that’s kind of perfect, right?

Hopefully he’ll release the full song SOON!!!

What a great way to memorialize a pretty freaking huge moment in Tennessee sports.

Wayyyyy better than tearing down a goal post if you ask me.