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Are These The Best Singers of All Time?

“Rolling Stone” magazine is known for making lists that make almost everyone scratch their head in confusion, and their latest list “The 200 Best Singers of All Time” is no exception.

Here’s the Top 25:


1.  Aretha Franklin


2.  Whitney Houston


3.  Sam Cooke


4.  Billie Holiday


5.  Mariah Carey


6.  Ray Charles


7.  Stevie Wonder


8.  Beyoncé


9.  Otis Redding


10.  Al Green


11.  Little Richard


12.  John Lennon


13.  Patsy Cline


14.  Freddie Mercury


15.  Bob Dylan


16.  Prince


17.  Elvis Presley


18.  Celia Cruz


19.  Frank Sinatra


20.  Marvin Gaye


21.  Nina Simone


22.  Adele


23.  Smokey Robinson


24.  George Jones


25.  Mary J. Blige


You can check out all 200 here.


First off,  Celine Dion isn’t on the list.  Seriously? Like her or not, you can’t deny her talent.

And Christina Aguleria didn’t make the Top 25? Huh?

Freddie Mercury is only at #14?

Where’s Steve Perry at?


Maybe I can be on the list then???

My personal pick for #1 would be Freddie Mercury, followed by Whitney Houston and then Christina Aguleria.

Who would be your top pick?

And what are the “Rolling Stone” staffers smoking?

Queen “Face It Alone”

I’ve been waiting for this for awhile… and it’s here!

Brian May (iconic guitarist of Queen for those not well-informed on such matters) announced earlier this year that Queen would be putting out a new album with the late Freddie Mercury’s vocals.  Engineers spliced some stuff from recording sessions in the late 80’s to make it happen, and you know what? It’s pretty flipping spectcular.

Freddies vocals still give me the chills, and Brian May’s guitar solo is on fire, as per usual.

Can you totally see this song on a movie soundtrack? Like a Bond movie or something. That’s the vibe I’m getting.

Any more recordings that can be spliced together, guys? I may need more of this.