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emmy rose russell

Emmy Russell Performs Benson Boone’s “Beautiful Things” on “American Idol”

Ok, I still don’t watch “American Idol” as I used to. I’m just going to throw it out there.

But, I can’t help but check out some of the trending videos from this season, and Hot Damn, Loretta Lynn’s Grandaughter Emmy Russell is on heck of a talent.

The show is now onto it’s Top 24 contestants as of this week, and Emmy just pretty much owned this version of Benson Boone’s current hit “Beautiful Things”:

First of all, I love this song, as it embodies how I feel about being a mother, and really, all of the good things in my life. I have been blessed, and in having been so, there is always that feeling that I have everything to lose. This song captures that feeling perfectly, as does Emmy’s verson of it.

Her voice and style is incredibly unique, and she’s one heck of a songwriter as well. Then again, she has some pretty solid genetics helping her out.

She is her own artist, and I’m sure her Grandmother is cheering hard in Heaven.

Fun fact, Benson Boone was a contestant on Idol a few years back, and he quit because he wanted to do his own thing.

I have a feeling that no matter her placing on the show, you will hear from Emmy for years to come. I’m seriously impressed by her.

Find out more about her at https://www.instagram.com/emmyroserussell/

Emmy Russell Slays Once Again on “American Idol”


“American Idol” Season 1.267 (or something like that) is well underway.

Honestly? I haven’t watched since 2011 when Scotty McCreery won.

BUT every now again, a video from the show surfaces, and I’m all like, “Damn, that’s pretty good.”

Like the legendary Loretta Lynn’s grandaughter Emmy Russell…

She wowed in her audition with an original song called “Skinny” about her former srtuggles with an eating disorder. She’s now in the Hollywood Round, and she slayed with another super-personal original song called “Like That.”


Both original songs are so relateable, and something a lot of young women go through.  Her songwriting is on point, and her voice is super unique… and her bloodline? Well, I’m sure Loretta is cheering her on up in Heaven.

She almost makes me want to check out “American Idol” again.

Want to know more?

Hit her up on insta @https://www.instagram.com/emmyroserussell/