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hailey whitters i’m in love

Hailey Whitters “I’m In Love”

One of my favorite newer artists on the Country scene is Hailey Whitters. She’s like Miranda Lambert 2.0- talented, sassy, and the real Country deal. (Fun fact: She was actually Miranda’s body double in her “Fastest Girl In Town” music video)

Hailey had a hit this year already with “Everything She Ain’t” and she just announced a new EP called “I’m In Love” and I’m in love with the title track.

Isn’t that the cutest?

Simple, pure, fun Country.  I love the deer in a rut reference… any Country girl can relate!

I love that Hailey doesn’t sound like anyone else on the radio, and she is the “real deal”.  Iowa born and raised, and a self proclaimed “Corn Star”- I’m here for everything she’s putting out!

She even did a keg stand at her wedding recently. So, basically, my kind of woman!

Her new EP “I’m in Love” comes out July 28th.