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higher power

Scott Stapp Feat. Dorothy “If These Walls Could Talk”

First off, big S/O to one of y fav listeners Ken for alerting me to this song!

Scott Stap- you know, the lead singer of Creed- just put out his solo album “Higher Power” this past Friday, and on it, a gorgeous collab with Dorothy, who is pretty much everything.

The song is called “If These Walls Could Talk”, and Ken is right. It’s damn good:

Oooohhhh… chilllllssss….

I really love Dorothy- she is one total badass, and Scott still sounds great. I know he’s been through some stuff, so it’s good to see him back and seemingly doing well.

Get more info on his solo album, tour dates, etc at http://scottstapp.com and if you’re new to the Dorothy party, here’s all you need: https://dorothyonfire.com/