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independence day

Darryl Worley “Have We Forgotten”

If you’re a Country fan, you probably remember Daryl Worley’s hit song “Have You Forgotten”, which talked about how quickly many of us seemed to have moved on from the terrorist attacks of 2003.

Fast forward 20 years later, our beloved America is basically a hot mess express right now. And who is to blame? Basically all of us.  It absolutely sickens me to see what has happened to our country, and our people. We are so ridiculously divided now, and noone wants to stop and listen to the other side. We don’t need China or Russia to destroy us. We’re doing a pretty damn good job of it ourselves.  Yet, we’re too busy finger pointing and worrying about offensive beer cans to even see what we stand to lose if we don’t change.

Darryl Worley just dropped an updated version of his original hit, and it basically echoes that sentiment.

Well done, Darryl!

What we seem to forget is how lucky we are to be free.  Ever wonder why we have so many immigrants and migrants?  Because of all the freedoms and opportunities that we take for granted every day.  Is our Country perfect? Hell no.  But social change takes time, and you know what? Everyone acting a fool on BOTH sides hinders us more than anything.

Stop for a minute. Look around. Be grateful for what we have and be kind to others, even if they don’t agree with you politically.

It’s not complicated.

I myself have had people tell me I should use my “platform” to be more political, but I just personally can’t.  We have enough poison out there, and I don’t want to add to it.  Plus, I have a really hard time choosing a side. I really can’t say that I’m a Democrat or a Republican. Just somewhere in between, wondering what the hell happened to our country…

We are destroying something amazing. Something that my husband and so many other great Americans have fought and died for. Remember that this Independence Day.  Let’s all do better, OK? Our country deserves it!