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kylie frey

Check Out This Amazing Song By New Artist Kylie Frey

I was listening to a Country station that one of my best friends Carly Evans programs (Mountain Country 107.3) and unlike a lot of Country stations, it actually features new artists that haven’t hi it big yet.  This song came on the radio, and 3 minutes later I was crying.  It wasn’t just the pregnancy hormones.

The song is called “Horses in Heaven” and the artist is Kylie Frey, and Country star Randy Houser does the back up vocals.  It’s a well-written, heart-wrenching song that anyone who has strong family ties, loves horses, and has a deep love and respect for the Country lifestyle (or all three like me!) will totally get.


I love REAL Country music, and this song is definitely it.  I really hope to hear more from Kylie in the future!