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should have been a cowboy

Carrie Underwood Pays Tribute to Toby Keith With “Should Have Been a Cowboy”

Carrie Underwood is always pretty much flawless.

She continued her long streak of stellar vocal performances last night at The Grand Ole Opry with a tribute to the late, great Toby Keith with a pitch-perfect rendition of “Should Have Been a Cowboy”:

I love how Carrie can be pure Country one minute, Gospel the next, and then rip a Guns N’ Roses song to shreds.

Also, her legs are basically National Treasures.

I’m pretty sure Toby Keith would be proud!

Let’s be real, it’s a world better than Brooks and Dunn’s tribute at the CMT Awards last weekend:

Now, I LOVE me some B&D, but something was definitely off there. Sammy Hagar honestly had the best tribute that night, and he’s not even a little bit Country.

Hey, we all have our bad nights, right?

But yeah, Carrie Underwood, though.

Kind of rude that she gets that voice AND those legs, though.

I kid.