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sk8er boi

Miranda Lambert and Avril Lavigne Perform at CMA Fest!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Miranda Lambert? Just a little bit?

Avril Lavigne was also my jam when I was in college, and going through a semi-angsty phase. Not really, but I wanted to be, so Avril was definitely on my 2003 playlist. Damnnn… that was 20 years ago?


Anyhow, both icons joined forces at CMA Fest in Nashville over the weekend and did a hella performance of Miranda’s “Kerosene” and Avril’s “Sk8er Boi”:

I was hoping to find a higher quality video today, but this is what I got.  But still, you don’t need pro video to hear how awesome these two are!

The CMA Fest Highlights will be airing July 19th on ABC.

Hopefully, this perfomance will make the cut! (I mean, it has to, right???)