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used to be young

Kelly Clarkson Covers Miley Cyrus in Vegas

I know I post a lot of Kelly Clarkson covers on my blog, but the woman keeps bringing it!

Between live performances and her “Kellyoke” on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, there’s always an impressive performance to enjoy by her.

Take her performance from her “Chemistry” Las Vegas Residency on New Years Eve- she covered my favorite song of 2023 “Used to Be Young” by Miley Cyrus, and of course, nailed it, especially at the end.

Dang, Kelly.

Also, she and her band didn’t even rehearse it. Just popped it out there and she definitely made it her own!

What I love about Kelly is that she is a real talent. Her voice is pure and perfect and she hit all the notes on any song- no auto tune needed!

Plus, she seems like a real human being with an actual personality that isn’t forced upon her by some record label.

And can we all talk about how fantatstic she looks?

I have a feeling Kelly is going to make 2024 her best year yet.

She really deserves it.

Miley Cyrus “Used to Be Young”

Miley Cyrus is on FIRE!

She kicked off the year with killer album and a smash single “Flowers” which you can’t get away from, and now she released another sure hit “Used to Be Young”.

Anyone whoever lived it up a little (or a lot!) in the past can relate.

So good, right?

Lyrically on point, catchy, emotional, and totally Miley.  It’s something she lived through (we ALL remember) and she came out better, and has no regrets. And she got one hell of a song out of it.

The song resonates with me big time, as I had a party bone in my early twenties, and people still bring up those crazy times. To be fair, I never partied to Miley’s level, but I did enjoy Jager and Jack shots and making bad decisions and waking up thinking “shiiit, who do I need to apologize to” way too often.  Looking back, I wasn’t perfect, but I was young and silly and thankfully grew out of it pretty quickly. Do I have any major regrets? Nah. But I do have some “cringe” moments, as most people do.

Which is why I think this song is so awesome. Most of have been there, and have stories to tell.

Thank God social media wasn’t a thing in my early twenties.

Also, Miley is turning into one hell of an artist, and I’m proud as heck of her.

Also, I’m still fun… if you count a glass of wine and in bed before 10 fun.