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June 2022

New Song of the Week: 6-24-22

I’ve been out of the music loop the past few weeks due to vacation, and then a sick dog.

Ok, I’m baaaccckkk and I’ve been waiting for this one…

Kacey. Freaking. Musgraves.


I know this song has been covered a million times, but somehow Kacey can make anything sound special and original.  Her voice is flawless and has a haunting quality about it, and she definitely understood the assignment on this one.

Righhhtttt? Damn, Kacey.


Of course, this cover is off of the Elvis biopic soundtrack, which by the way, is in theaters as of today.

Find out more about the soundtrack- which is pretty fantastic- here.

New Song of the Week: 6-4-22

I met Lauv a few years back in Nashville when he had a hit song with “I Like Me Better” on Top 40 radio, and he is back in a big way with his new single “All For Nothing”. It’s a perfect Summer vibe, and definitely one I’ll have on my horseback riding playlist. Yes, I have a playlist for when I ride. I stick my phone in my sportsbra and jam out on my horse- she loves it!

I almost didn’t want to like the song because the title is mispelled (One of my big pet peeves, but I’m lame like that) but the overall feel of the song makes up for it!

I’m really excited about this new single, and I think it will be one of the big ones for the Summer.

Also, Lauv is super cool even though he doesn’t like bacon.  Check out my interview with him from a few years ago.

Lainey Wilson Interview!


I’ve been a fan of Lainey Wilson since I first heard “Things a Man Oughta Know” on the radio, and I’ve always wanted to chat with her. This week, I finally got the chance!!! (I’m a little excited)

AND her new single “Heart Like a Truck” is fantastic, and I’m calling it now… future #1!



I’m just fangirling over here.