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hey jack

Priscilla Block “Hey Jack”

In case you’ve been missing out, I just want to let you in on one of the up-and-coming artists in Nashville. Priscilla Block combines one hell of a voice, great songwriting, and relatability into one hell of a package.

She just released a new song called “Hey, Jack”, and it totally reminds me of twenty-two year-old me. Except she pulls it off better.

The song- written by Priscilla, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover, and Dave Cohen- is super catchy, and very relateable. Especially if you’re a young woman in her twenties trying to navigate the dating scene, or if you ever had been that woman before, which I totally was. I really hope Country Radio catches on with her style of Country. She’s already had a couple of his with “Just About Over You”, and a number one hit recently with Justin Moore on “You, Me, and Whiskey”.  I have a feeling that this is just the beginning for this super-talented woman. Also, she is crazy fun to follow on instagram.

A few years ago, when she hi it big on Tik Tok, I got a chance to cha with her, and seriously, you can’t help but love her! Check the interview below:

Isn’t she fun???

Also, she just announced her “Hey Jack” tour for 2024.

Ya’ll, the Priscilla Block Party is just getting started!

Get ready.