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Dolly Parton feat. P!nk and Brandi Carlile “Satisfaction”

Yes, this is the weekend of Dolly.

I’ve been listening to her “Rockstar” album these past couple of days, and I have a few new favorites.

First off: Her cover of “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones, featuring P!nk and Brandi Carlile.

Dolly originally wanted Mick Jagger, but he didn’t do it for whatever reason. What, like you’re too cool for Dolly? Who the hell says NO to Dolly??? Rude, Mick, RUDE!

Another fun track off the album is her verison of “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benetar. Pat Benetar and her husband Neil Giraldo join in:

This is NOT an easy song to pull off with the vocals and tempo, but you know Dolly can handle it!


And one more anthem that she shares with Debbie Harry- Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”:

Holy Icon Explosion!

There are so many great songs- both covers and originals- on Dolly’s new “Rockstar” album. As a Country and Rock fan, I am all for it. Also, at Dolly’s age, to even do one-tenth of what she does would be incredibly impressive. This woman is a true ROCKSTAR, and we are so lucky to have her.

Dolly Forever!