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new kids on the block

New Kids on the Block “Kids”

Ahhhhh!  My childhood heart is so happy!

New Kids on the Block just announced their first new album in 11 years called “Still Kids” AND released the first single off of it called “Kids” and it’s seriously so much fun:


So much nostalgia here. And as a 41-year old woman who is still, indeed, a kid, I totally relate!

I was obsessed with these guys as a kiddo. I had the bed sheets, the Donny Wahlberg keychain, the shirts… all the cheesy things!

Oh, and let’s not forget this glorious dance that I couldn’t stop doing in the first grade:

Reminds me of the skate nights in elementary school. Man, growing up in the late eighties/early nineties was THE BEST!!!!

“Still Kids” drops May 17th, and I hear a tour will follow?

You know I’ll keep ye posted.