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August 2022

The Best Country Albums of All Time!


So, “Rolling Stone” just ranked the Top 100 Best Country Albums of All Time… and they’re really celebrating the old school Country (as they should!).

Here are the Top 15 on the list:



1.  “Coat of Many Colors”Dolly Parton  (1971)


2.  “Dreaming My Dreams”Waylon Jennings  (1975)


3.  “Red Headed Stranger”Willie Nelson  (1975)


4.  “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music”Ray Charles  (1962)


5.  “Fly”The Chicks  (1999)


6.  “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”Lucinda Williams  (1998)


7.  “Serving 190 Proof”Merle Haggard  (1979)


8.  “Come on Over”Shania Twain  (1997)


9.  “Storms of Life”Randy Travis  (1986)


10.  “Fearless”Taylor Swift  (2008)


11.  “At Folsom Prison”Johnny Cash  (1968)


12.  “Why Not Me”The Judds  (1984)


13.  “The Weight of These Wings”Miranda Lambert  (2016)


14.  “I Am What I Am”George Jones  (1980)


15.  “Showcase”Patsy Cline  (1961)

Check out the full list of the Top 100 Country albums of all time here.


Who do you think they’re missing?

I’m wondering where Shania Twain “The Woman In Me” and Garth’s “Pieces” is… those surely deserve on the list?

Or maybe I’m just partial as those were some of my favorites growing up, and both albums had a bunch of radio hits.

Elton John and Britney Spears “Hold Me Closer”

Not gonna lie, I’ve been waiting on this since I heard that it was happening.  I LOVE Elton John, and I grew up loving Britney, so of course I had to get excited about a collab.  “Hold Me Closer” is a dance remix of Elton John’s iconic “Tiny Dancer” and I’m kind of digging it. Over-produced? Duh.  Over Auto-tuned? Absofreakinglutely. But will I sing along in the car? You freaking know it.

And that’s all that matters, right?

I think it’s awesome that Elton John doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that he is down with working with newer artists and just having fun with his classics (like he did last year with Dua Lipa and “Cold Heart”). He said he hopes this collab “helps Britney heal, and I think it’s great that someone who is an absolute legend like him is willing to help other artists, and just have fun with his music.

I know there will be some haters saying that Elton ruined his song.

Nah. It’s just a fun re-imagining of it.

Again, who cares? Enjoy the bop.


Blake Shelton “No Body”


I’ve always loved Blake Shelton since the days when he had his orginal mullet and was singing about answering machines with “Austin”…and he’s brought the mullet back with his new single “No Body”!  It’s just a fun, easy-listening Country song that honors some of the best 90’s hits.  As a 90’s Country kiddo, I can definitely appreciate. Plus, who doesn’t love a good line dance?

Also, Blake Shelton is just one of the nicest, most down-to-Earth humans ever.  So, I’m always happy to support him!


Also, I just remembered that my parents had a line-dancxe instruction video on VHS when I was a kid.  I don’t think they ever actually watched it, though.



Papa Roach “No Apologies”



I’ve been rocking to Papa Roach since “Last Resort” became every wannabe angsty teens anthem in 2000. Kind of depressing that was 22 years ago, but whatever.  And what I love is that they continuously put out new music that is fresh but still has their unmistakable sound.

Their latest single “No Apologies” is such an important song right now, espeically with so many suffering from mental health issues. I hope everyone has someone in their lives that they don’t need to apologize to. Things happen. People go through stuff. Being a human is hard. I like that this song touches on that, and hopefully helps someone in the end.

After almost 30 years, Papa Roach is still getting it done. Also, their new album “Ego Trip” is out now.