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coors light super bowl commercial

Coors Light Super Bowl Commercial Feat. Lainey Wilson

With the Super Bowl on Sunday, some of the highly-anticipated commercials are dropping early, like the Budweiser Clydesdales and the Uber Eats featuring Jelly Roll. Now Coors Light released their commercial featuring Lainey Wilson and LL Cool J:

Honestly? I was kind of disappointed, as Lainey was only shown for 2.5 seconds tops. I figured she’s have more of a presence in the commercial, since she’s the new face of Coors Light. But whatever.

I really thought she’d be the main star, like Jelly Roll was in his.

Still, even a split second cameo in a Super Bowl commercial is a huge deal, and I’m glad Lainey is getting some major world wide love.  She certainly deserves it!

That being said, I prefer Coors Banquet, and will be chugging that while cheering on The Chiefs Sunday night.