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Coors Light Super Bowl Commercial Feat. Lainey Wilson

With the Super Bowl on Sunday, some of the highly-anticipated commercials are dropping early, like the Budweiser Clydesdales and the Uber Eats featuring Jelly Roll. Now Coors Light released their commercial featuring Lainey Wilson and LL Cool J:

Honestly? I was kind of disappointed, as Lainey was only shown for 2.5 seconds tops. I figured she’s have more of a presence in the commercial, since she’s the new face of Coors Light. But whatever.

I really thought she’d be the main star, like Jelly Roll was in his.

Still, even a split second cameo in a Super Bowl commercial is a huge deal, and I’m glad Lainey is getting some major world wide love.  She certainly deserves it!

That being said, I prefer Coors Banquet, and will be chugging that while cheering on The Chiefs Sunday night.


This AI Beer Commercial Is Terrifying

AI is everywhere these days, and for me, it’s absoluely terrifying. I mean, if it’s gaining this much traction now, imagine a decade from now… a century from now (That is, if we even exist as a species, which I highly doubt).

Yeah, crazy stuff.

Anyhow, a UK production company called Private Island (privateisland.tv) made a 30 second beer ad using AI, and it’s creepy AF.

What did I just watch???

I feel like it’s a modern-day episode of the “Twighlight Zone” which is not far off from what our future is going to resemble.

When it comes to AI, just becuase we can, doesn’t mean we should.