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holiday music

Walker Hayes “Fancy Like Christmas” Video

A few weeks ago, Walker Hayes dropped a holiday version of his smash-hit “Fancy Like” called “Fancy Like Christmas” and it was absolutely perfect!  So, of course, I’ve been waiting for the video to come out, and I am NOT disappointed.

Isn’t that great? I love Walker’s relateable sense of humor, and how he involves his family in all of his videos and socials.

Hopefully that puts a smile on your face this holiday season!

Also, I got to chat with Walker Hayes on the show last week, and he is seriously the BEST.

Check out the interview below:

Find out more about Walker Hayes, and see where he’s headed next at http://Walkerhayes.com

Jason and Travis Kelce “Fairytale of Philadelphia”

So far, the new holiday tunes this year haven’t disappointed. Jason and Travis Kelce (Of the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs) are keeping that Christmas ball rolling with a duet called “Fairytale of Philadelphia”.

It’s a take on “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues, and it’s for the deluxe version of the album “A Philly Special Christmas”.

And you know what?

It doesn’t suck.

They don’t sound too bad, do they? I love how different their voices are. And it makes sencheer for theEaglesse since they’re brothers, and Philadelphia is the “City of Brotherly Love”.

Fun fact: although I grew up in West TN, I was born in the Philly area, and moved to Tennessee when I was 9. So, my entire family cheers for The Eagles.  However, with a large portion of my life in KC and Kansas in general, I am for the Chiefs.

Also, here’s some behind the scenes to see how this all came about:

Pretty cool, right?

I love the Kelce Brothers! They seem like genuinely good dudes, and a hell of a good time.

And since we know Travis can carry a tune, maybe a holiday duet with his lady love Taylor Swift?

Is that too much to ask for?

Walker Hayes “Fancy Like Christmas”

Tis’ the Season for Holiday music, and Walker Hayes just released a Christmas Banger.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Walker’s smash hit from a couple of years ago “Fancy Like”, right?  Well, he just made a Christmas version, and it’s perfect.

“Bougie Like Blow Ups in the Front Yard”… Yassss….

It’s sure to be a holiday classic, right up there with “White Christmas”.

Ok, maybe not, but you know I’ll be jamming this and craving Starbucks and Applebee’s all the while.

Cheers to the holidays, ya’ll!