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peace out tour

Aerosmith Farewell Tour Kickoff

Aerosmith kicked off their “Peace Out” Farewell tour with The Black Crowes in Philadelphia this past weeked at Wells Fargo Center, and like many, I was wondering how they would sound.

I mean, they’re all in their mid-70’s, and it’s not like they lived their healthiest lives, you know?

Well, you wouldn’t have guessed it watching videos of their kickoff performance.

I mean, HOT DAMN.

Think of most people in their mid-70’s.

They’re not hitting high notes on top of pianos, or doing a tenth of what these guys are doing. Or even a hundreth.

Basically, everything your doctor told you is wrong.

I’ve seen Aerosmith several times in the early 2000’s, and was blown away 20 years ago with how good they sounded. I’m just happy to see that they can still kill it onstage. Also, Steven pulled me onstage at one of those shows, and it was definitely a highlight moment for me, since I’ve been in love with him since I was 4. He is Mojo Personified.

If you want to catch them this Fall, here’s their dates:

Of course, the big question is, is it REALLY a Farewell Tour?

Or are they going to be back at it again like so many bands?

Either way, it looks like they’re leaving it all on the stage this go round.