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Bebe Rexha feat. Dolly Parton “Seasons”

Bebe Rexha just released her new album “Bebe” today, and it features a collaboration with the iconic Dolly Parton (who seems to be working with EVERYONE except Mick Jagger these days…), and you know what? It’s pretty good!

Check out “Seasons” below:

I really enjoyed that! I’m so used to Bebe’s over-produced pop songs which dominate Top 40 radio, so it was nice to hear a different side and really get to appreciate her vocals. They blend perfectly with Dolly’s legendary voice.

Also, that’s a lot of blonde and boobs in the video.

I don’t think anyone is mad at it.

Again, Bebe’s new album is out today, and I hope she puts out more songs like this!