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February 2022

New Song of the Week: 2-24-22

Morgan Wallen keeps on comin’ with the big hits. His album “Dangerous” was the #1 selling album of 2021 despite being “cancelled” (over 3 million copies sold, which is a massive number, especially these days) and it keeps spawning hit after hit.


His latest radio release is another surefire #1.  “Wasted on You” is a well-written heartbreak song that anyone who has ever drowned their heartbreak in Jack Daniels can relate to.  What I like about Morgan’s music is that he bridges old and new Country and puts out songs that almost every Country fan can approve of.

That’s really hard to do.



New Song of the Week: 2-19-21


You know I’m a fan of most genres of music, so when two combine, like pop and rock, I get especially excited. Even more so when it involves one of my favorite Pop artists Ed Sheeran and fellow brit rockers Bring Me the Horizon. They teamed up to make a rock verison of Ed’s recent hit “Bad Habits” and you know what? I’m digging it.


I know some rock purists are complaining, as they like to do, but I’m over here with my open mind enjoying the new version of this song that they created.  Can we get someone to rock up Taylor Swift now, please?


New Song of the Week: 2-12-22

I love a good cover song, and up-and-coming Country singer Morgan Wade did a pretty bang-up job on the Elvis Presley classic “Suspicious Minds”.  Her smoke tinged-vocals add something new to the Country scene right now, and Lord knows, the genre needs more badass women on the radio, so I’m here for it! Morgan Wade is like a shot of whiskey in your sweet tea. Drink it up!