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Chayce Beckham Interview!


I was lucky enough to get to chat with “Amercian Idol” Season 19 Winner and Country Star Chayce Beckham, and seriously, SUCH a nice guy, and he’s got quite a future ahead in the industry, especially coming off of his first #1 hit “23”:

I absolutely LOVE that song, which, by the way, he was the solo writer on it.

We talk about that and more in the interview below:

Aaaah! Week = Made.

Also, in case you haven’t heard it yet, here’s Chayce’s latest single “Everything I Need”:

Get more info on Chayce, his new album “Bad For Me” and tour dates at https://www.chaycebeckham.com/welcome/


Walker Hayes Interview!

So, last week, Walker Hayes dropped a holiday-parody of his massive Country-Crossover hit “Fancy Like” called “Fancy Like Christmas” and it is absoluely PERFECT!:

Isn’t that great? “Go Jesus, It’s Yo Birthday”!

So, I was really excited to get a chance to catch up with Walker. The last time we chatted was right before “Fancy Like” broke big, and A LOT has changed since then. Check the interview below:

It’s always a treat to get to talk to Walker Hayes. He’s he nicest, most down-o-Earth guy, and he is super-fun to follow on instagram, too. I am so incrdible happy for all of his success, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I love seeing good things happen to good people. We need more of that!

Find out more info, tour dates, etc. at http://walkerhayes.com