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New Luke Grimes “Playin’ On the Tracks”

If you’re like me, and a majority of people who watch TV, it’s likely you’re a fan of “Yellowstone” or at least are kind of into it. If nothing else, you know who Luke Grimes is.  The actor who plays the tortured heartthrob Kayce Dutton just released another Country song- yeah, he’s a Country singer now, and he’s not half bad!

This one he co-wrote with Brent Cobb and was produced by Dave Cobb. It’s called “Playin’ in the Tracks” and it, like all of his others so far, have that old-school Country vibe.

Again, totally a song I could see on the “Yellowstone” soundtrack.  You know, like when someone is getting taken to the “Train Station”.

When is his debut album coming out?

Like the second half of Season 5 of “Yellowstone”, I have no freaking clue.

Luke Grimes “Hold On”

Anyone else totally loving Luke Grimes’s new music?

At first when the “Yellowstone” actor (he portrays Kayce Dutton on the show) announced that he was going to try and become a Country singer, I admit, I rolled my eyes a little. Because what actor/actress doesn’t want to be a singer, and vice versa?

But I gave his first single, “No Horse to Ride” a listen, and was impressed.  And he just dropped this new song called “Hold On” and once again, it’s real Country music, and definitely has a cool sound to it.

Yep, another song that would totally fit with the “Yellowstone” soundtrack.

That is, if they ever freaking finish up Season 5! (What the hell, guys???)

In the meantime, Luke Grimes is popping out some great Country tunes, and I’m for sure looking forward to his debut album.

Stay tuned for more info!


Luke Grime’s “No Horse To Ride”

If you’re like me, and a huge “Yellowstone” fan, then you’re familiar with Luke Grimes AKA Kacye Dutton.  I’m guessing playing a cowboy on the show has inspired him to try his hand at Country music.  And the result? Not too shabby.

Check out his first single “No Horse to Ride”

It’s not terrible, right? Sounds like something that would be on the “Yellowstone” soundtrack for sure- and I’m just happy he didn’t go the “Bro-Country” route.

He just signed with UMG Nashville, which is a pretty big deal, so we can expect an album soon.  Definitely looking forward to hearing more from Luke!