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Cody Johnson Feat. Jelly Roll “Whiskey Bent”

Cody Johnson just released his highly anticipated double album “Leather” this morning, and there was a collab I was really excited to hear.  It’s with Jelly Roll (because who isn’t teaming up with Jelly these days?) and it’s called “Whiskey Bent” and it’s really good:

Solid work, guys! At first, just seeing the title, I thought it would be just another drinking song. And, it is, but not in the way I thought. Great play on words, and very relateable topic for many.

Whiskey = Trouble. At least in my experience, which is why I stick to wine.

Cody’s doule album “Leather” is out now, and so is the new Jason Aldean “Highway Desperado” and Toby Keith’s “100% Songwriter”.

So, a Happy Friday for Country Music!