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whiskey bent

Cody Johnson and Jelly Roll “Whiskey Bent” Live at Houston Rodeo!

A few months ago, Cody Johnson and Jelly Roll released a really good collab called “Whiskey Bent”, and if you haven’t heard it yet, then here ya go:

Pretty good, right?

Well, Jelly Roll had a surprise for the sold out Houston Rodeo this week- he brought out Cody Johnson to the stage to perform the collab live for the first time!

What a cool surprise for the crowd.  And what a great song!

I’m honestly all for the collabs that are populating Country Music. Some really good songs are coming from these surprising combos.

Both Cody and Jelly are on the road (separately, of course) this year.

Get the dates at http://codyjohnson.com and http://jellyroll.com

What Country stars would you like to see team up in the future?

Cody Johnson Feat. Jelly Roll “Whiskey Bent”

Cody Johnson just released his highly anticipated double album “Leather” this morning, and there was a collab I was really excited to hear.  It’s with Jelly Roll (because who isn’t teaming up with Jelly these days?) and it’s called “Whiskey Bent” and it’s really good:

Solid work, guys! At first, just seeing the title, I thought it would be just another drinking song. And, it is, but not in the way I thought. Great play on words, and very relateable topic for many.

Whiskey = Trouble. At least in my experience, which is why I stick to wine.

Cody’s doule album “Leather” is out now, and so is the new Jason Aldean “Highway Desperado” and Toby Keith’s “100% Songwriter”.

So, a Happy Friday for Country Music!