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texas hold em

Hank Williams Covering Beyonce’s “Texas Hold ‘Em”

First of all, congratulations to Beyonce.

Her “Cowboy Carter” album is #1, making her the first African American woman to have a #1 Country Album.

Second of all, AI can sometimes be pretty awesome.

One of my favorite creators “There I Ruined It” made an AI version of Hank Williams singing Beyonce’s hit “Texas Hold ‘Em” and it’s pretty dang Country:

Ok, that’s pretty dang good.  I’m sure it angered the Country Music Gods, but hey, it made me laugh.

And now that will be in my head all week.

Also, can we stop hating on Beyonce Country?

I’m haven’t always been her biggest fan, but I’m not mad at her stepping into the Country Lane. It’s not permanent. It’s a part of her “Renaissance” album project. You know, kind of like how Dolly did a Rock album last year?

Honestly, the album isn’t bad. There’s a few songs I like on there. And really, anyone who ever listened to a Florida-Georgia Line record, or even some of Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan’s stuff can’t complain.  Because they’ve had #1 hits on Country Radio that are WAY less Country than “Texas Hold ‘Em”.

Let it go.

If Beyonce making a Country album is what is making you angry these days, count your blessings.



Kevin Bacon Serenades Farm Animals With a Cover of “Texas Hold ‘Em”

Ok, this totally made my week!

Actor Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedwick did an impromtu performance of Beyonce’s mega-Country hit “Texas Hold ‘Em” (which is topping BOTH the Billboard Hot 100 AND Country charts this week!) for his farm animals, and thankfully posted the gloriousness on social media for all of us to enjoy.


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My heart just melted!

I have always liked Kevin and Kyra, and even more so now after seeing this.


Can we have more of this on the internet, please?

Beyonce Goes Country!

In case you missed it with all of the excitement of the Super Bowl last night, Beyonce announced her Country album- yes, a Beyonce Country album- due out March 29th.

It’s Part 2 of her “Renaissance” project, which started back in 2022 with her dance album.

Queen Bey released two songs off of the project, and you know what?

I’m kind of digging it.

“Texas Hold ‘Em” is definitely my favorite of the two:

This has been in my head all day since I heard it his morning, and yeah, I think it’s a hit. Will it end up on Country Radio?

Hmmmm… that’s a tough one.  We’ll see.

I personally love it, but it seems like I have more of an open mind when it comes to music than a lot of traditional Country fans.

I think that it’s a really cool, unique song, and I would like to see it go somewhere. Again, we’ll see.


Here’s her other single “16 Carriages”:

Personally, I like “Texas Hold ‘Em” Better. But, still, solid effort from Beyonce, and honestly, I’m looking forward to hearing her Counry album “Act II” out March 29th.


Yeah, totally did not have this on my 2024 Bingo Card.