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the tortured poets department

Taylor Swift “Fortnight” Video Feat. Post Malone

Taylor Swift is setting the world on fire once again with her new album “The Tortured Poets Department”, and she just released the video for the lead sing;e “Fortnight” featuring Post Malone, and it’s really freaking cool:

I think this may be one of my favorite videos of hers.


Seriously, this song is growng on me. At first I was like, “mehhhh”, but the more I hear it, the more the beat and the haunting vocals stick. And I really love Post Malone’s vocal contributions on the song, and honestly, I kind of dig him without the face tattoos.

Well done on the both of them with this song and video.

Taylor Swift “The Alchemy”

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated new album “The Tortured Poets Department” is here, and Swifties are losing their damn minds.

First of all, it’s a surprise double album, as Taylor dropped an extra 15 songs at 2am, which is cool.

And naturally, there’s a song about curren beau Kansas City Tight End Travis Kelce on there (duh) called “The Alchemy”:

“Where’s the trophy? He just came running to me.”

Well done, Tay Tay.

Also, the lead single off of the album is “Fortnite” featuring Post Malone:

So, yeah, you’ll be hearing that ALL over the radio.

Now, I’m not what you would call a “Swiftie”, but I do respect and admire Taylor and what she has done in her career.  A lot of her music isn’t my cup of tea, but she does have some great songs that will forever have a spot on my permanent playlist (hello, “Wildest Dreams”!). I think Taylor is an incredibly impressive woman, and definitely a great role model.

So, play on Taylor, and keep kicking ass and taking names.

And bringing home them trophies!