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carly pearce hummingbird

Carly Pearce “hummingbird”

Well, my Friday morning has been made.

Carly Pearce just announced her fourth studio album via Big Machine Label Group! I figured it was coming soon, as she wiped her instagram clean this week- always a good indicator that something is coming.

The new album is called “hummingbird” and is out June 14th. And the title track is absolutely STUNNING:

How gorgeous is that?

I was immediately transported into another world with that song. It’s one that brings it’s own imagery, which is one of my favorite things that a song can do.

Here’s what Carly put on her instagram to tease the song:

I love that so much. It seems like Carly is coming through the tough times beautifully, and I can’t wait to hear the full album

You can also catch her on the road with Tim McGraw this Spring/Summer on the “Standing Room Only” tour, and you can find the dates at http://carlypearce.com