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reba mcentire

Reba McEntire “I Can’t”

Well, this was a pleasant surprise…

Reba McEntire released an anthemic new song called “I Can’t” and it proves that Reba still has IT.

I honestly feel like that is one of the best songs Reba has had in a while. Anyone who has been in a relationship of any kind where they were being mistreated can relate. Hell, I’ve been there, and this song had me saying “Helllll Yessss, Reba!!!!”

Also, she’s 69, and still sounds incredible.

Need more proof?

She performed the song last night on “The Voice”, and just owned the damn thing.

Freaking QUEEN, that is all.

Also, she’s got a Comedy ordered by NBC called “Happy’s Place”.

So, no signs of stopping for this amazing woman.

More on ALL the things she has going on at https://www.reba.com/

Kelly Clarkson Covers Reba McEntire’s “Til You Love Me”

I know I can’t seem to go a week without sharing a Kellyoke video, but come on, she’s just so damn good!

Yesterday, on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Kelly covered one of my favorite Reba McEntire songs “Til’ You Love Me”, and of course, slayed it.

Yep, she definitely did that song justice. That song was my JAM in the 8h grade.

Very few people can cover Reba McEntire, let alone make it almost as good as the original.

But she did the dang thing!

Honestly, I want to see her cover a Metallica or Black Sabbath song.

Ooooh! Or Dio “Rainbow in the Dark”!

What would you like to see Kelly take on?