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the painter

Cody Johnson “The Painter” Music Video

One of my favorite songs of the past year is Cody Johnson’s “The Painter”, and he just released the music video to it, and it’s basically the love story between he and his wife Brandi, to whom he has been married to for fourteen years.

Of course, the video makes sense, as Brandi is who inspired the beautifully written love song.

Way to up the game for all the guys, Cody!

Ad in case you missed it, here’s Cody’s tribute to his wife at the CMA Awards last November:

I still get choked up watching this.

Check out Cody’s latest double album “Leather” out now, and his 2024 tour dates at http://codyjohnson.com

Cody Johnson Performing “The Painter” at the 2023 CMA Awards

I’m watching the 57th Annual CMA Awards on ABC just now, and I was already looking forward to Cody Johnson taking the stage. Well, this performance solidified why I am such a fan.

I’m ugly crying over here.

Hot damn. You can tell he loves his wife.

Guys, take note on how to make your woman feel special.

I mean, maybe you can’t do it on this scale but still….


That being said, I have a massive cold right now, and my husband brought home Fireball Whiskey and Apple Cider to help make it better without me asking for it. He just knew.

Maybe it’s not a painting of me while he’s performing at the CMAs, but still… it’s something.

Here’s to love, and Mucinex and Fireball.


That really should be a Country song in itself.

Cody Johnson “The Painter”

Ahhhh! I am SO excited for this!

Cody Johnson just released his new single “The Painter”- he’s been teasing it for a few weeks now, and it’s just as good as I had hoped it would be.

A perfect Country love song. Great lyrics, music, and just overall a total YES!

I can see this being a big wedding song this next year.

I’m so happy that we have artists like Cody Johnson doing big things in the industry. It was so needed.

Cody has a new DOUBLE (yay!) album called “Leather” out this Fall.

In case you didn’t realize, Cody is the real deal.

Here’s a clip of him getting hung up while Bull Riding a while back.

Yep. CoJo is pretty damn legit.  I’m so glad he’s killing it on the Country Music scene. We need him.