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Jordan Rainer Performing Blake Shelton’s “Ol’ Red” On “The Voice”

I’ll be honest… it’s been awhile since I’ve watched ‘The Voice” or any kind of singing reality show. But every now and again, I’ll see a video pop up from one of the shows, and it makes me take notice.

Case in point: Jordan Rainer’s performance of “Ol’ Red” on NBC’s “The Voice”.

Wasn’t that a cool performance?

First off, I have always loved the original song, and Jordan put such a unique spin on it with that performance.

Was she trying to get into Gwen Stefani’s good graces?

Well, duh.

But still, a creative choice and great performance which is bound to get the Oklahoma native some attention for sure!

Find out more about Jordan on her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/JordanRainerMusicPage/

A fresh, new Country voice that is much needed!

Danielle Bradbery Interview

Ten years ago, Danielle Bradbery won “The Voice” and I remember watching the finale (my husband and I totally voted for her) and we had just fallen in love with the sweet 16-year-old aspiring Country singer.  Fast-forward a decade, and Danielle is back with a feisty new sound and look and I am totally here for it.

She was sweet enough to take a few minutes out of here day to chat with me this week about what she’s got happening in 2023.

And have you heard her new single “A Special Place”?

So much yes here.

I love it! Great sound and lyrics, and I think we all have a few people we’d like to send to that hotel, am I right?


Really looking forward to see what 2023 brings for Danielle. Such a talent, and just a sweet, down-to-Earth woman.